Mass Effect Limited Edition Online-Only (US), Not For You (Can, Aus)

Kotaku reports:

"BioWare have just explained what's going on with the Mass Effect Collectors Edition. As in, which regions are getting it, and how they can get hold of it. As largely confirmed by EB Games' notices, in the US, you can get the CE only from "select online retailers". The game's bonus disc, though, will be available both online and in stores."

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BloodySinner3792d ago

What's even more amusing is that Mass Effect was developed IN Canada.

the worst3792d ago

i said it boringgggggggggggg

Zhuk3792d ago

shame on you microsoft and bioware!

The Panther3792d ago

how can the one game that I want to give more money to not give me the chance, this is sum stupid crap, im in New Zealand btw.

wil4hire3792d ago

I feel like the hype train just exploded.

The in game looks nothing like the cutscenes

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