Rockman and Mega Man X coming to Marvel VS Capcom 3 as DLC?

A leaked video shows X and Da original Blue Bomber in the Marvel VS Capcom 3 game?

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FEARprototype2401d ago

Marvel VS Capcom 3? what that? oh ya...bought the game played for a week or so and never played it again..look at mortal kombat am still playing it to this days..

some people got to learn i thing or 2 about making games.
as for the rumor. its very unlikely.

Giru0172401d ago

Pretty much this.
MvC3 is a bare bones game and they're to busy releasing Shadow Packs (Weee, I can play against the CPU) and 1 costume pack for their half-assed game instead of properly patching it, adding characters, spectator mode, etc... Must be working on SUPER Marvel VS Capcom 3 (Followed by ARCADE EDITION)

zeal0us2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

MvC3 have dlc?

By dlc I mean characters(Jill& Shuma gorath don't count in my book seeing as they was already on the disc,incomplete or not idc) NOT alternate costumes or shadow battles.

Game been out since February and its now June wheres the new characters?

cochise3132401d ago

For 5 dollars a piece? F*** no capcom.

Der_Kommandant2401d ago

I don't think Capcom will support DLC


Nitrowolf22401d ago

F Capcom for not including him originally

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The story is too old to be commented.