Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview | CheatCC

CheatCC says - The Elder Scrolls is an RPG series that is best-known for its amazing scope and strong narrative-based gameplay. For the fifth entry in the series, Bethesda is sticking with the established Elder Scrolls formula, but making everything you know and love about the series bigger and better. Oblivion was an early hit on the current generation of consoles, and Skyrim looks to continue that success with an expanded narrative, even more terrain to explore, a simplified HUD, and some incredible new powers. I was recently able to watch a nearly hour-long presentation detailing what we could expect from Skyrim. Even though our expectations were already high, the presentation left me even more excited for Skyrim.

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Keith Olbermann2713d ago

Im going to stop looking at all of these damn previews for this game...makes me want it soooo much more.

Ser2713d ago

Yeah, I had to stop as well a couple of days ago.

It's far away.

Clayman2713d ago

Can't... Stop... Reading... Previews... Aaaah!