Classic Sonic is gone forever - Sega

OXM UK: "Sonic Generations producer Takashi Iizuka has confirmed that the return of classic Sonic is not the beginning of a revival, no matter how much we'd love to see it happen permanently."

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Yi-Long2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

... cause the classic Sonic games (Sonic 1,2 en Sonic CD) are still the best Sonic games they ever made...

dirigiblebill2742d ago

Somebody really needs to take Sonic off Sega. It's like watching an Olympic medalist throttle himself with his own medal.

Alos882742d ago

Back to mediocrity after this then.

jacksonmichael2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

*Tilts head*... Sonic Colors...?

Bubbles for the Lego thing. That was funny.

SilverSlug2742d ago

Sonic Advance games and 40% of Sonic Unleashed.

Alos882742d ago

40% of a game doesn't cut it, unless it's 50%+ it's a bad game with moments of greatness.
And I never played Sonic Colors, my little brother put lego pieces in the wii's disc slot and broke it.

ChronoJoe2742d ago

Sorry but that definition is pretty screwed up Alos, 50% good game, makes a good game? 90% good game can be totally ruined by 10% bad lol

JD_Shadow2742d ago

Here's the problem Sega has with Sonic right now:

They want to push new ways to play the character. This is all well and good, and I applaud them doing this. The problem is that the execution right now is not up to par. Unleashed was a good idea (fast vs. slow), but the slow was TOO slow, and really got boring fast. Now, if they had a way to spice up the Werehog portions to where you enjoyed the gameplay (like, Sonic could kick some ass in place of his speed or something), then it would've been better. They have to get the execution down better.

But there's an issue if they try that, as well, and this is of not fault to Sega: the people who will never take any Sonic game if it's not in the "classic" way (as in, Sonic 1-3). They seem to despise the fact that Sega even THINKS of trying any sort of new innovation, regardless of if it sounds interesting or if it executes well or otherwise. If it's not 2D and platformy, then they don't even want to touch it.

This was the same way that people treated Other M, as well, and I'd wish they would stop doing this, since they are getting in the way of innovation because "oh my God, they are doing things that's not how I viewed Sonic."

Guess what, it's THEIR series, it's THEIR characters. Granted, execution has to be there, too, but if they want to try to give him a sword to fight something that he might not be able to with just his speed, then at the very least give it a chance, just like if they want to give Samus a voice and make her have human emotions ("Oh, my God, she actually has FEELINGS and EXPRESSES them! Quick, pitchforks and torches to Nintendo NOW!"), then you, if you're a real Metroid fan as much as you are a Sonic fan, then a slight change or a trip into 3D might not hurt it.

I can understand if it's such a drastic change that it's impossible to get used to it right away, but to whine and bitch because they slightly changed it or they humanized a character? C'mon!

But again, Sega, do the innovation RIGHT and in a way that is enjoyable to the gamer! It's not THAT hard to do!

jacksonmichael2742d ago

That is... a lot of... words. You're right though. Have a bubble.

JD_Shadow2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I try to leave no stone unturned in my comments. Sometimes that leads to longer posts than others on this site. It's usually for the best.

GoldPS32742d ago

Who cares. Sonic went down hill thanks to Sega.

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