Is Sony's E3 Focus on NGP/PSVita a Mistake?

"A ton of details are pointing to a huge portable presence from Sony. Is that wrong?" - Daniel Bischoff [Game Revolution]

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MariaHelFutura2384d ago

No. PS Vita looks great and I`m not a huge handheld gamer. I try to NOT play games 24/7.

TOO PAWNED2384d ago

I hope it is 50-50. Don't care about Vista, or whatever the name is. I want to see stuff for my PS3

MariaHelFutura2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Sony has SOOOOOO many 1st party devs....I`m not worry at all about seeing a TON for the PS3. I thought this was common knowledge. I want see something for the PS move, that makes me wanta keep Bushido Blade.

LOGICWINS2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

^^I agree with you. How many people(on the outside world) will NEED to spend an extra $200 have BOTH a PS3 and NGP?

I barely have time to use my PS3 with my school/work schedule...not to mention friends and women.

The fact that the 3DS sold below expectations is a strong implication that the hardcore portable gaming market is dwindling.

Only the HARDEST of the hardcore gamers will get an NGP. So in this respect, its OKAY for Sony to focus on NGP at E3...because E3 is typically for hardcore gamers.

@VampiricDragon- Sorry, I meant to say hardcore portable gaming market is dwindling. I didn't mean the overall handheld market is dwindling because that would be crazy since Iphones are selling like hotcakes lol. I'll fix my comment.

Btw, the 3DS DID sell below expectations.

Iwata said it himself. Next time, back up your info with a source.

dbjj120882384d ago

Yup, I want it to be even too!

MaxXAttaxX2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Even though the NGP is a brand new product and the obvious thing for them to do is to talk about it and give us quite a bit of info on it.

Besides, we don't need to worry about Sony forgetting about their core PS3 audience....unlike a certain other company last year, lol


Same with me. Except I can enjoy games with my friends and woman so I don't need to cut down on gaming as much. I guess there's an advantage to having things in common with the people in your life :P

The fact that the 3DS isn't doing well due to lack of games and no motivation aside from "glassless 3D" is no accurate indicator on how the NGP/Vita will do.
If Sony can support the system with a solid line up of launch games and market its features well, it could very well be a success.

P.S. I guess I have it easier since I have friends and a woman that I can enjoy games with

VampiricDragon2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )


For someone with that name you really dont use logic

"The fact that the 3DS sold below expectations is a strong implication that the handheld market is dwindling."

The 3ds didnt sell below expectations. The sames have been smooth and good. Exact quote from nintendo. It didnt push as many units as they wanted, more than any other system in the history of gaming would have. They are guilty of unrealistic expectations. Not poor sales. As things stand, the 3ds is outpacing the ds.

EEDAR Jesse " The 3ds is on the 100+ million pace. Youd think people wouldnt doubt nintendo"

The fact that by the end of this gen the ds and psp will be number 1 and 2 in total system sales and units sold means there is a strong implication that the handheld market is thriving. And thats based of fact. Not false assumption

The 3ds is doing well. Better than the ds was doing in the beginning. Its stil on the 100+ mil pace.
----------------------------- -------------------
Doom and Gloom on generalizations and false info/polls isnt really helping anyone nor are the useful.

In fact I am going through an old egm issue. feb 2005 issue 188. The question was asked of the ds.

What do you think of it so far? ( At this point it had an entire holiday plus january of time)

A: "hmm, can you say virtual boy 2? The ds seems gimmicky to me. Its just akward to use and The launch games are so weak. I have a feeling that hardly any game makers will invent novel uses for the system

A: "The launch titles are dissapointing" "It seems the system is 80 percent old news"

Looking back how silly do shoe and crispin sound now?

History repeats itself it seems with people after 4 months of being on the market predicting disaster

Close_Second2384d ago

Handheld market is not dwindling its evolving. Smartphones have come into their own and now offer a great casual gaming experience. Most people dont want to carry a phone and something else to play games as well. I really think that outside a core gaming audience that the NGP will struggle.

LOGICWINS2384d ago

"I guess I have it easier since I have friends and a woman that I can enjoy games with"

Congratulations I guess. I'm the only hardcore gamer among my friends lol. And NONE of the women I've encountered like games as much as I do..which doesn't bother me since thats not what I'm after :)

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jony_dols2384d ago

No it won't be a mistake.

Sony will still cater for PS3 players with awesome exclusives such as UC3 & The Last Guardian,

& they will cater to handheld gamers with the amazing NGP (and all it's titles).

While people who enjoy both, will be absalutely blown away and spoilt for choice!

Domer252384d ago

God I just want to see some NEW last guardian footage at E3 and ill be happy. Oh and a release date will be nice too..

SilentNegotiator2384d ago

Vita is their focus at E3? Can I borrow your time machine?

xAlmostPro2384d ago

It's not a mistake i mean.. there's already still plenty of exclusives to come. They won't need to mention many more really, just a few set for 2012 release dates so that there's games up until next e3.

Makes sense to focus of NGP, i mean microsoft focused last e3 on basically kinect.

I'll be happy if at e3..

There's more starhawk details.
Some more exclusive announcements.
NGP details maybe like the price & release date.
Some PSN feature updates would also be a welcome announcement.

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doctorstrange2384d ago

But PS3 does come first for me, so yeah, I want that to take up most of the show.

ftwrthtx2384d ago

I'm a big fan of the PSP Slim and the PSPgo. Can';t really say much about the Vita until I get my grubby fingers on it.

TerminalGamer2384d ago

We would really like to play it for a couple hours before we decide if it's worth the hefty price tag.

Ju2384d ago

Looks like at one knows what the price will be....

BrianC62342384d ago

More lameness. Sony hasn't even had their E3 conference. We have no idea what they're doing. The PS3 is going to get plenty of coverage.

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