SCEE confirms slew of PS3 release dates

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed a selection of release dates for a number of forthcoming PlayStation 3 titles, including the likes of the highly anticipated Lair and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

First up for release, as confirmed last week, is The Eye of Judgment this Friday (October 26), followed by Factor 5's Lair and Insomniac's Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction on November 9.

Finally, December sees Naughty Dog's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune arriving on December 9, with the elusive SingStar PS3 pencilled for release for some time that month, though an exact date has yet to be revealed.

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lynx1halo4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

NOW IS THE TIME TO SUPPORT THE PS3 MOVEMENT....EVEN THOUGH YOU GUYS REALLY DONT MATTER IN THE SCHEME OF is obvious by your late release PS store content....and excitement over soccer games

masterg4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Well we Europeans have money. We pay just about twice the cash for every game/console we buy, so when it comes down to it we are the ones that matter the most.

crazy250004068d ago

that was a really uncalled for, stupid comment!

PS: everyone freakin matters

kingboy4068d ago

At least the Europeans have better taste unlike you supporting crap material

andy0014068d ago

It must hurt to have a 'PS3 movement'. I would stop swallowing all that garbage you keep repeating, and get some laxatives to clean out your tubes, so to speak :o)

occamsrazor4068d ago

We're a population of between 450 and 500 mil...Quite substantial, although as someone who probably can't count I'm sure you won't agree.
Please keep your ignorant xenophobic opinions to yourself.

r10004068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Ohh Americans.... when will you stop being Soooooo ignorant.... I live in New Jersey, and seeing the kids coming out out of these school systems it seems like we need to get ready for another ignorant "everything revolves around the USA" mentality generation...

SabreMan4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

i am astounded at the shear ignorance of some posters on this forum,
sadly they are "usually" ignorant American's with there empty heads firmly embedded in the sand who think the world begins and ends on there shoreline.
History books tell us of how such a large country is filled with such people, i do have hope as i have met some very nice US citizens but sadly while the country houses such buffoons as yourself the rest of the world will never see the US of A in any other light than of what it does today.

you do know what the rest of the world thinks of your country don't you,
well possibly not the country just most of the people that live in it

apologies to all the decent folk who live in the US as there are many but surely you can see what people like this are doing for your country

edit @ below

you are probably right but please do not put me in the same category as this ignorant ignoramus

RelloC4068d ago

people like you are what tarnish our reputation from the rest of the worlds prospective. I would love to live in a european country just so I would not have to communicate with people of your intelligence on a day to day basis, as there are soo many more morons like you living in this country. for shame man, for shame.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4068d ago

I've been waiting for your bubbles to drop lynx1halo. I'm glad everyone is starting to realize how much of a moronic troll you are. It won't be long until you have 1. Hopefully this site will just ban you and anyone similar to you.

TheExecutive4068d ago

lol this is one of those posts where you hope they were joking... I do catch a hint of sarcasm in there, but seriously, in the end europe is the most important contenent for gaming, there are just so many of them! I am an American, I am not ignorant, It's tough to be both, feel for me!

occamsrazor4067d ago

Yes, of course we believe you. And if you were in fact "lord" of anything at all, you'd probably know that it's spelt 'vengeance'. Good luck with your career in the fast food industry.

chelcho4067d ago

Europeans will eat your bubbles quick, hehe

rofldings4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

Don't listen to him, he's probably a troll. Of course Europe matters.

I, for one, am glad our European playstation brothers are getting games at around the same time as us instead of years later!

This generation is looking good.

IntelligentAj4067d ago

Are you aware to the fact that the Euro is trading at an all-time high against the dollar($1.42). I think that makes the Europeans very important especially since this is a Continent with a couple of G8 countries. Stop with the ignorance... Damn.

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Si-Fly4068d ago

Actually Crazy, looking at that list of releases 'nobody' seems to matter to Sony this xmas, there's very little there to warrant me turning off my 360 in favour of my PS3. Maybe xmas 2008 will be different ...

andy0014068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

It is just showing the games coming from Sony themselves. As well as those we also have the R&C, Assassins Creed, COD 4 (maybe, if the single player is proven to last more then 4 hours).

For me, R&C, Uncharted, and Assassins Creed are definites. Then COD4, Mass Effect (on 360 of course), Simpsons, and Orange Box are maybes.

supermandead6664068d ago

European video game market is about the same size as the U.S. market, so please STFU.

Maddens Raiders4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

1.) Ahmadinejad in Power with armed nuclear warheads.

2.) Bush in Power with armed nuclear warheads.

3.) PlayStation 3 with games.

Si-Fly4068d ago

I find the lack of PS3 games more scary ...

PStriple7034068d ago

I have 11, that "no games/lack of games" stuff is just getting so old now.....

LoydX-mas4068d ago

I get sick of seeing that line as well. Of course the PS3 has games, and some look amazing! (I wish I could play Motorstorm or R:FOM)

But for some reason, PS3 owners just aren't buying games in big numbers.

Maddens Raiders4068d ago

I buy in big numbers and I'm a PS3 owner.

TheExecutive4068d ago

Loyd... where is your data for that? Don't say attach rates either, thats not an accurate assesment of games per PS3 owner.

Si-fly- no good games? I would list them off but I am not going to go down that road because apparently you choose to live in your own little world and I could slap you with 7 great ps3 titles and it still wouldnt phase you.

LoydX-mas4068d ago

Maddens-I am glad you buy games, so don't get offended I wasn't singling you out.

Executive-I get my info from VG CHARTZ. And as of today, there are a TOTAL of 3 games in the top 50 that are PS3 titles. For the week, the 360 sold 747,000 titles to 172,000 for the PS3.

That is not attach rate, that is just sales.

HarryEtTubMan4068d ago

LOL you better pray to god it can stay that way for a while longer too because tell me... what comes after Mass Efftect? Halo Wars? LOL LOL LOL Alan Wake??? There aren't many big games known to be hittingh the 360 after mass effect and Halo gears and all the I guess you could say big games are all released with a cheaper system with many more owners to buys more exclusives. When you look at it that way they aren't doing that great. Wait until next year and the next year and nest, next, next, next.... Sony owns 2008 with its game selection and price.

LoydX-mas4068d ago


I only stated that for whatever reason, they just don't seem to sell that much compared to other platforms right now.

Will that change in the future? I hope so, for Sony's sake. They have a well built machine with tons of potential. But, I also don't go by the belief that the 360 will have NO games for 2008 either.

Just calm down and buy the games you want. :)

andy0014067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

I have always wondered about the attachment rate figures bounded about and people on here do seem to comment that PS3 owners don't buy games. Using your figues of 745,000 ish for 360 games and 170,000 ish PS3 games then that implies that its about 4.3:1 or something. Using Vgcharts as our base they reckon there are 2 million PS3's and 8 million 360's sold in the US, which is about 3.7:1, about .6 of a difference.

This is obviously including the tailend of the Halo 3 sales spike, so I reckon that on the whole PS3 owners are buying roughly the same amount of games than 360 owners, and would further propose that the 360 sales are inflated due to the Halo 3 release exaggerating the difference.

Add to that of course, the fact that PS3 owners are also buying Blu Ray movies, it is clear to me that PS3 owners are buying more content thereby supporting their console more than 360 owners. It would not surprise me to find the attachment rate for the 360 has been diluted by the recent Halo 3 release, whereby many people have been waiting to buy the console for just this one game, and, due to the popularity of the multiplayer, may not buy another game for quite some time.

If you agree with the math of course.

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predator4068d ago

i hope the 60 gig is still around in november as ill pick mine up then, i dont want the 40 gig, unless sony annouce the 80gig for the uk then ill wait, some good games.

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