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Famitsu scores are out, super mario galaxy reviewed

Ratings seem to be in now, more will come as it comes.

3 Kingdoms DS 2 8 7 8 7
Dragon Tamer 8 7 6 7

Warhawk 7 7 7 7
MotoGP 08 7 7 7 8
Scramble Commander 2nd 8 8 7 7
Opoona 8 8 8 7
Mario Galaxy 10 9 9 10
AC6 9 9 9 9

Family Ski (Wii/Bandai Namco/und)
* Use remote and nunchaku as sticks
* Talk to AIs on the slope and become involved in races
* Beginner, Medium, Expert ranks; over 10 courses
* Character customization

Word Puzze Mojipittan Wii (Wii/Bandai Namco/08/03)
* WiiWare
* Adds 20000 phrases to the dictionary for a total of 120000
* In-game prizes; "Moji-kun Collection" mode

WWE 2008 Smackdown vs. Raw (PS2/PS3/360/Wii/THQ Japan/08/02)
* Career "WWE 24/7" mode
* Tries to get closer to stars' actual fighting style
* Animation improvements
* Over 90 match types, including ECW rules
* Expands arena to backstage and audience seating
* Upgraded news system, complete with talking commentator heads
* Redone voice samples (Ace Combat 6, Culture, Nintendo DS, PS3, PSP, Super Mario Galaxy, Warhawk, Wii, Xbox 360) 9.5/10

Darkiewonder  +   2907d ago
Awesome score
Still a little while before it's released here in the US ;3
Ri0tSquad  +   2907d ago
another x mas of a wii shortage :/
RiceFiend  +   2907d ago
Super Mario Galaxy slightly better than Ace Combat 6? My non-existent respect for Famitsu as a reviewing source has dropped to an all time low(is that even possible?).

They are however, a great source of gaming info and news.
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eclipsegryph  +   2907d ago
You do realize that "Ace Combat 6" and "Super Mario Galaxy" are different styles of games, right? And that... well, people have a myriad of tastes?
Clinton514  +   2907d ago
It's always entertaining to watch japanese scores.
I just like seeing how their tastes differ from North Americans.

btw. Is Warhawk out in Japan yet? I've seen European players online but no Japanese as of yet.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2907d ago
I agree...but it will only be because Nintendo's holding them back...

The Wii doesn't deserve this hype. Does anyone even play their Wii's???

I'm getting Galaxy and...maybe Brawl. I've never been a big Smash Bros. fan, but Solid Snake will make it awesome...hehe.

Yay...there are now officially two good games on the Wii!

EDIT: I mean games that everyone wants to play. Wario Ware was AWESOME! RE4: Wii Edition was AWESOME! I played through MP3:Corruption...but after that...the thing just sat there because of Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, and...as of tomorrow...Ratchet and Clank.

I'm looking hard dude...and none of them are worth 50 bucks.
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Rooftrellen  +   2907d ago
You don't look too hard for good games, huh?

I play my Wii, and most of my friends play their Wii, too.

Heck, my friends without a Wii play my Wii...the one reason for MP3 multiplayer would be that, I suppose.

Let's say the Wii sold 10 million and the DS sold 50% better, 15 million. That is one console every 1.2 seconds. Nintendo isn't a big company, and no company that makes accellerometers is big, either. Producing that much isn't easy.

If you could show me how Nintendo could do this, I might believe the shortages are staged, even though this critical holiday season.
eclipsegryph  +   2907d ago
I dunno, mate. I currently have 14 different Wii games, over half of which I've purchased within a week of release. I've no kids, just a wife and a zoo full of birds, cats and a dog. What can I say? It's a solid console with fun games. There's no reason to belittle the enjoyment other people find in the console just because you don't.
otherZinc  +   2907d ago
This shows how great HALO 3 is:
Mario Galaxy got a 38 from Fam.
HALO 3 got a 37 I think & they don't play American FPS.
tplarkin7  +   2907d ago
Other 360 titles have done well.
Blue Dragon got a 37
Ace Combat 6 got a 36
RiceFiend  +   2907d ago
Just to let you know, Halo 3 can fundamentally be considered a reiteration of Halo 2 but with better graphics and a few new gameplay quirks. Thats where the improvements essentially end. Halo 3 has a mediocre storyline, plot and terrible character development. It has a non-compelling 5-7 hour single player mode(due to the poor storyline and character development) and a lackluster ending just like in Halo 2. Its graphics is shy of 720p that most Xbox 360 games usually render and its quality is distant from the that of Gears of War, which utilizes the Unreal 3 Engine(most powerful gaming graphic engine currently available). Multi-player can be fun, but it can also be unbearably annoying due to the many immature people that play on Xbox Live.

What does this all mean? It means that if you're someone who has never tried out the Halo series before, Halo 3 should definately be one of your top priorities for a 360 game. If you're one of the many people who have played Halo 2 like 10 billion times already, don't be shocked when you find that Halo 3 is really nothing new from Halo 2.
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wageslave  +   2907d ago

Halo 3 is one of the best reviewed games of the year.

Perhaps you need to watch this again:
RiceFiend  +   2907d ago
When I see a game rated 9.5 - 10.0 I immediately think of grade-AAA calibur, revolutionary games of the likes of Half-Life 2, BioShock, Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy VII, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, etc. I see Halo 3 and my honest opinion is that Halo 3 is far from deserving such an acclaim. In fact, it probably doesn't deserve to be in the 9.0 - 9.5 range based off of the numerous disappointments that the game houses that I mentioned above. Halo 3 is a good game and had potential, but it is not great and is far from being revolutionary(think of it more as a slight improvement upon the tried-and-true formula of Halo1 and Halo2). From an impartial perspective, I would rate this game around 8.5(I for one, refuse to fluff scores because of hype factor and/or pressure); were this the 2nd game in the Halo trilogy, I would perhaps rate it more leniently. But this is the 3rd game and supposedly final game of the Halo trilogy and more is expected of it, especially with all the hype around this game.

The point is not whether or not I like or dislike the game, but whether or not this game can stand neck-to-neck with a remarkable game such as Half-Life 2 and deserve to proclaim that it is equally great.
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uxo22  +   2906d ago
The key words in your last comment was "I see" (You see). I have no problem with that, that is how you see things and I have respect for YOUR opinion. But, please do realize that your opinion really only have an impact (A small one) on your friends and your family. Your personal opinion has such a small impact on the rest of the planet, that it's almost not worth mentioning.

People always say a game has to be original, innovative, blah, blah, blah to be AAA. If that were the case, there would be maybe only 1 AAA game released every couple of years. There's just not that much originality and innovation left in the video game world. At least not that much that developers would want to risk their livelyhoods on. I mean, take Super Mario Galaxy; I've seen Mario before, I seen the mushrooms, and all the other stuff. I have also seen the wiimote and 3D environments. Does this mean SMG is NOT AAA? NO IT DOES NOT. (I feel it is AAA)

AAA games (IMO-remember what I said about your opinion) are games with large marketing schemes, big budgets, and really liked by the general masses to include game reviewers. I do however also feel that an AAA title should average a 9 rating (90) on all it combined reviews (metacritics would be a good example.)

Anyway, that's just my spill on it.

Edit: As far as games standing neck and neck with others...you like rice, I like potatoes, although they are both starch foods (video games) they are different and people like different things. You like shooters, I may like flight sims, so when I rate them I may give the SIM a 9.5 and the shooter an 8. While you did the opposite, then a third party came alone and game them both a 10. because he likes both genres. That's just how it is man.
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mesh1  +   2906d ago
rice feind u ps3tard u try wayyy to hard give it a rest know 1 cares about u .
cooke15  +   2907d ago
NICE! opoona did well too
jackdoe  +   2907d ago
Why didn't Nintendo aim for worldwide release with Mario Galaxy? Seems like just the game to do it.
Prismo_Fillusion  +   2907d ago
Eight games reviewed four times each - that's 32 scores. Not one is below 7. That pretty much means that all of the scores are meaningless!

However, we all know that Galaxy is going to be ridiculously amazing. I can't wait. (less than 3 weeks!)

edit @ below: DUH.
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Baba1906  +   2907d ago
why would the scores be meaningless if they are all good?.

no really you should think it over. =D but well.
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junk56  +   2907d ago
I just want to play mario kart. ssmb and smg on my wii. other than that i dont even touch it cuz i rather play on my 360 and ps3.

but did u guys hear about that 7.5 ratchet and clank review on gamespot. gamerankings (avg of 30+ websites) has it listed at 92%

....gamespot is lame
Gordii  +   2907d ago
Dear nintendo
You should just stick to making Zelda and Mario games because thats what you do best sadly..... It makes me buy a Gamecube and a Wii only for these games... but then after i play them i resell the system... So *cough* Sony or Microsoft buy them out so i can play them on my other 2 systems thank you :) i know i will get a lot of hate for this one XD.
RiceFiend  +   2907d ago
Super Mario Galaxy rendered on 1080p running at an eye-blistering 60fps? That is just ludicrous.
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eclipsegryph  +   2907d ago
I certainly hope you don't get a lot of hate for your comment, but you should expect some disagreement. From myself, for example. There was a time, a great time, in which "Nintendo" was synonymous with "video game". As in, "You spend all your time playing your Nintendo", even if you've never owned an NES, SNES, N64, etc, in your life. Nintendo was THE brand name for video game consoles due to solid gaming and great marketing. More than anything I think that Nintendo wants that kind of reputation back again. They do so much more than simply create Mario games, or Zelda, or Metroid, etc. Nintendo knows how to make a profit, and they know how to market.
blackmagic  +   2907d ago
Well, Nintendo is the 2nd largest company in japan after toyota beating out companies like Honda, Nissan, and Canon whereas Sony is no longer in the top ten list.

Just a little perspective.
wangdiddy82  +   2907d ago
deserves way higher scores than that.. Anyway least i know this game kicks major a$$
the worst  +   2907d ago
warhawk should have have got 9 9 9 9
ShinFuYux  +   2907d ago
@ Rooftrellen
"I play my Wii, and most of my friends play their Wii, too.

Heck, my friends without a Wii play my Wii.."

I lol'ed at that comment.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2907d ago
Me too...

It's just that I don't understand his post. I mean, if you own a PS3 or 360...your Wii is probably just sitting there.

Look at the attache rate of the Wii and also try playing it for more than a week. It gets SOOO BORING!!!
eclipsegryph  +   2907d ago
I truly does depend upon what you like. I mean, I've had my fun with Sonic, Wii Sports, Super Paper Mario, Tiger Woods, Heatseeker, Boogie, Metroid Prime 3 and Dewey's Adventure all in the past two weeks, alongside playing some of my favorite Xbox 360 games, and working all week, and having a social life.

Just as an observation from what I've seen from coworkers, online friends and local friends, people who own a Wii use it quite often. I personally think it's a misconception that people buy it for Wii Sports and then discard it like a Pog. I mean, it's certainly an easy misconception to buy into, but ultimately I feel that it is a false one.
Umbrella Corp  +   2906d ago
what about resident evil 4 wii edition
Has any one played Resident Evil 4 wii edition ITS THE GREATEST version of RE4 ive played the p22 gamecube pc and this wii version.who says the wii has bad games?
MK_Red  +   2907d ago
Wow, 38 for Mario Galaxy? I was expecting a 40 from Famitsu.
Leg-End  +   2907d ago
ive never played a 3d mario game...i might just have to buy a wii i think
have i missed much?

anyway, these are great scores - rachet and mario, this is platforming heaven; better than constant dark shooting games like ut3 or killzone
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AliC  +   2907d ago
Well my Girlfriends getting a WII for Christmas so I may give this a look see, definitely looks interesting.
ItsDubC  +   2907d ago
Wow, I didn't expect Opoona to do that well. The SMG score is no surprise of course. Clear contender for GOTY.

I got my SMG preordered for $41.98 (though I probably won't be getting it on day one - no big deal for the price)! Just goes to show that great games don't have to cost $60 in this day and age.
TheMART  +   2907d ago
So Ace Combat 6 as 360 exclusive and with planes scores better then Warhawk PS3 exclusive flying game. Moto GP 07 even scores higher then Warhaw?

Interesting for Japan
Leg-End  +   2905d ago
wtf, a decent comment from the mart?

keep it up!!
Si-Fly  +   2907d ago
I agree that SMG will be the second game in 11 months of Wii ownership that justifies turning the console on. Zelda was brilliant, and Wii sports is useful for getting the girlfriend involved, but aside from that there's been nothing worth paying £35 for on the Wii.
For casual (i call them non-gamers) theres plenty of light weight entertainment on the wii but little of the innovation that was promised prior to release for more seasoned gamers.
As an owner of all three next gen consoles i don't require too many AAA games from the Wii, and in fairness to it the PS3 has hardly produced any classics in its first year either.
Si-Fly  +   2907d ago
Why are PS3 owners still whinging about Warhawk scores?! It is an above average game nothing else. I guess most of you haven't ever had any proper online experiences if you've only ever owned sony consoles and Warhawk does a good job. COD4 will replace it as the premier PS3 online experience hands down.
jay3  +   2907d ago
I want Ace Combat 6!!!

What? The demo was pretty good =x
Almighty  +   2907d ago
Mario Galaxy = Game of the Year
u got owned  +   2906d ago
Go MArio, I've always liked the Mario games... even Mario Sunshine was good.

i Didn't think AC 6 was gonna get so many good scores. Try the demo and didn't liked it. I guess its not my kind of game.
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Xi  +   2906d ago
i like ac6
but I'd die for a new crimson skies. It's like warhawk x10.
PS360WII  +   2906d ago
Heck yea Crimson Skies FTW!

Oh and yea well done Mario we all knew you'd score well ^^ as for Opoona it is a RPG after all...
Maestro  +   2906d ago
That basically confirms that Mario Galaxy is going to be the best game of this year.
Covenant  +   2906d ago
Two thoughts:

Does it surprise anyone that Mario Galaxy scored so high? That game will be HUGE when released. When I buy a Wii in the spring, that, along with Zelda, will be the first two games I'll buy.

Nice reviews for Ace Combat 6, but will anyone in Japan care? Expect a small spike in 360 sales, followed by the usual doldrums in Japan.

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