What game has the best audio package?

What do you, the community, feel is the game with the best overall audio package?

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bgrundman2771d ago

Halo has some of the best sound design out there.

Agent-862771d ago

BFBC2 is way up there, too. Best gun and sound effects I've heard in a game.

awiseman2771d ago

Halo definitely the entire soundtrack is top quality. I was considering MW2 with Hans Zimmer's theme but thats just one piece, not the entire package overall.

roblef2771d ago

I'm gonna have to go with Bioshock 2 - it's brilliant.

jrisner2770d ago

Portal 2. Musically brilliant and the VO work is phenomenal.

newn4gguy2770d ago

Best overall score is a never-ending battle. You have Jack Wall's brilliant Mass Effect scores, Koh Ohtani's Shadow of the Colossus score, Harry-Gregson Williams' Metal Gear Solid scores, Nick Ingham and Terry Divine King's one song for Heavy Rain that is now used in EVERY YouTube video like Lux Auternu was in the past. (I'm glad Clint Mansell has signed on for Mass Effect 3, btw.) Then, Norman Corbeill did the rest of the Heavy Rain score, which is brilliant!

Koji Kondo with the Zelda series and Yoshi's Island...

You can go on for days! Kingdom Hearts! Final Fantasy! Halo! Civilization! Elder Scrolls! It's all just so incredible!

If it's strictly sound design, it's a tighter race, but the Battlefield, Killzone, Halo, and God of War series' come out on top for me.

OhMyGandhi2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

you read my soul.

heavy rain, MGS, SotC, ME etc....
all fantastic scores.

for me, as sound design goes, BFBC2 takes the cake.
wonderful all around, from the effects, to music, to ambiance, to general QUALITY of the recordings themselves.

but as soundtracks go, I would also like to mention
Assassin's Creed 2.

and IloMilo.

newn4gguy2770d ago

Oh, God yes! Ubisoft has done well with scores this generation.

Also, I'd like to mention the use of Sia's "Breathe Me" in the Prince of Persia trailer. Just wow...

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