How User Modifications Work in Unreal Tournament III PS3

When you finish work on a mod on your PC, just click "export to PS3".

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SonySoldiers4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )


FFVIIFan4073d ago

if you want the Mods on the PS3 they have to be made on the PC first.

Marona4073d ago

There is Mac & Linux you know. :p

MAC FTW....!

gEnKiE4073d ago

I really wish that they release the mod kit without having to buy the game because i dont feel like paying 120 bucks just to make a mod work on the ps3 and i really want to mess around with mods....

xplosneer4073d ago

Some people can just build it for the PC version but when done they can export it onto the net and people could download it and put it on the PS3 as well as the PC.

gEnKiE4073d ago

Ya, the thing is, i want to make mods too.

Proxy4073d ago

Give it a couple months and the game will be available for $20 online.

DarkArcani4073d ago

And it has been said that they will probably allow you to dl the program for the mods for free. Epic has been good with this in their previous games, probably the same here.

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games4fun4073d ago

good thing i have a friend who made his own high end pc now i can just get mods from him since he plans on buying it lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.