4 ways to not cheat yourself in Portal 2 (Bitmob)

Play Portal 2 once any way you like. But if you don't replay it properly, you are cheating yourself out of a great experience. Here are four tips to help you.

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Sadie21002755d ago

I'm pretty proud of myself for avoiding any FAQs or help so far. But I want to wait until I beat it before I go back and do the commentary stuff.

Tolkoto2755d ago

Neat to see how much dialog actually sets up later events. You don't notice it the first time through.

peeps2755d ago

It is an odd game to play through a second time because obviously you know how to solve the puzzles, but the developer commentary and all the little secrets give you plenty to search for.

Currently started my second playthrough with the developer commentary on now

antauwnehart2755d ago

4 ways fans got cheated out of their money by portal 2 I'll try to keep at a minimum of four ok!
1. terrible graphics
2.bad loading
3.crappy story
4.terribley cheesy voice acting
5.low res textures
6.short single player and coop campaign
7.poor gamelpay
8.crappy art style very Unimaginative
Repetitive and boring
oops I guess there where to many too many!

Urrakia342755d ago

Have you even played Portal 2? I think it's quite an awesome game. Not a bad deal at $35 if you ask me.

2755d ago
xVeZx2755d ago

the only thing ill agree with is the loading times....i thought they were going to change it from portal 1 where you go through the elevator and wait for the next level to load....i thought they would streamline it more this time around....overall its a great game but not THAT great...its fun though...

HenryFord2755d ago

1. Nope, graphics are not the greatest ever but they are good.
2. Limitation of the source-engine, but you're right. They should've fixed it a long time ago
3. Nope. But also really subjective - you cannot say "the story is crappy" because you disliked it. The story is told very well and fits perfectly into the world of Portal - so the story is not "crappy", but you can of course dislike it.
4. Nope - see point 3.
5. Nope. You really should stop to listen to all those whiney "gaming"-websites out there. The textures aren't "low res" just because you can't read every little note which is hanging on the wall.
6. Nope. This also isn't really a point because there is a lot of content to come. At Valve you do not buy only the game, you buy the service which surrounds the game. And that is: Good DLC free of charge for a long time (extra maps, map editor, maybe even modi, etc.)
7.'re drunk now, aren't you?
8. ... really?

Repetitive as in "You have to solve puzzles all the time"? Then you're right - but maybe you should not buy puzzle-games then.

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AfricanWoolf2755d ago

I just wish the developer commentary mode allowed you to play through as a complete game instead of only being able to load one level at a time.

It breaks immersion to be kicked back to the menu screen after every chapter.

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