More update problems for Windows Phone 7

It may be more of a stumble than a full-on trip, but Microsoft is having a bit more technical trouble with its Windows Phone 7 update.

Microsoft's Michael Stroh, who writes for the Windows blog, acknowledged yesterday that the company stopped sending updates to Samsung Omnia 7 phones. Those are the same phones that were rendered useless, or "bricked," when Microsoft started to roll out the so-called NoDo update in February.

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Optical_Matrix2638d ago

This is starting to piss me off quite a lot. My Omnia 7 waiting here. I took the risk of going with WP7 because I thought it was different, which it is, it really is great, but if MS can't sort themselves the fuck out and deliver a simple update I might just have to switch to an Android phone next chance I get. Fix up Microsoft for goodness sake. It's not like you're new to the business.