Investigating the cryptic sketches in the Team ICO job advert

After the aftermath of the "Last Canyon" rumour, Team ICO Gamers investigate what the diagrams and formulae in the only hint we have to Team ICO's next game actually mean.

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Bonsai12143781d ago

looks like geographic mathematics... NURBS? haha doubt it...

cliff runner? maybe..

one things for sure. it'll be beautiful and innovative

ActionBastard3780d ago

Anything from Team ICO = Anything I will buy

Seriously, it could be a bag of used anal beads.

Baba19063780d ago

hey wth thats my 3rd grade painting. hihi. cant wait to find out what team ico is planing. ICO was amazing.

mccomber3780d ago

Chances are whoever designed the ad doesn't even know anyone from Team ICO; let alone what any details from the next game are. Entirely different departments, and possibly even companies...