GamePro: Yakuza 4 Review

All things considered, though, Yakuza 4 is an excellent title that proves why this series, underappreciated as it is, is one of the crown jewels in Sega's current game lineup. It's not quite as big an upgrade as some series fans would have liked, and that might be a bit disappointing. But look at it this way: sometimes with a sequel, you don't really need or want a lot of major changes or upgrades. What you want is simply more of what made you love the series in the first place. And in that regard, Yakuza 4 delivers a knockout blow.

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P_Bomb2822d ago

Two 9/10 reviews in the past hour. Good for the underdog.

UNCyrus2821d ago

I love this series... great gameplay, and a riveting story

ElementX2821d ago

Underdog? I thought Yakuza was supposed to be really popular? Anyway, I got my copy from Best Buy, however I've been playing Crysis 2 all morning. I'll try Yakuza 4 this evening.

WildArmed2821d ago

It's not exactly popular out west.
it's a very popular franchise in Asia.

And great to hear good scores.
Yakuza has always been a badass franchise.

I love the jap VO soo much :D

ElementX2821d ago

Jap is an offensive slur.

SeraphimBlade2821d ago

People either love or hate yakuza. Play the demo for the third one. if you enjoy it, then the rest of the games are worth checking out.

showtimefolks2821d ago

anyone interested as early adopter should get it for 40 worth it

dragon age 2 on amazon for 39.95

dkgshiz2821d ago

Here is a real review. I just picked this game up today. So far its been really good.

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