Xbox 360 Core system sold out, limited at Best Buy

Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 Core System is sold out at Best Buy Co.'s online division, fueling speculation that the entry-level SKU will phased out shortly.

On Thurs., the Core SKU was unavailable for purchase and held a limited pick-up availability status

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socomnick3608d ago

Maybe they are simply sold out because of halo 3.

nrdygrl873608d ago

im betting thats it. halo hype is dying down fast. I dont expect the sales to be very high much longer. its a dying system in more ways than one...

predator3608d ago

if the 360 is dying then gods knows what happing to the ps3, lagging sales way behind the 360

blackmagic3608d ago

Likely because the Xbox 360 'core' sku is being replaced by the Xbox 360 'arcade' sku.

Birdman183608d ago

that is the exact reason... very, VERY old news.. it will be the Xbox 360 Arcade. comes with a memory card, WIRELESS controller, console, and a free xbox live arcade game...possibly more than one arcade game

Sez 3608d ago

maybe they are getting ready this start selling the bundle pack with the core system. and want to get rid of remaining stocks of the older models

BLaZiN PRopHeT3608d ago

the premium is also sold out on

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The story is too old to be commented.