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Carolyn takes us to the streets of Japan in this review of Yakuza 4.

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NewMonday2800d ago

Playing this now, it’s the best Yakuza game, don’t know what some "reviewers" were thinking.

InfiniteJustice2800d ago

According to IGN it's too similar to Yakuza 3 to warrant a good score/ better score than Yakuza 3, despite numerous improvements in many aspects of the game... Because that makes sense.

Thankfully Gamespot have given this a pretty fair review.

dc12800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Loving Yakuza 4 at the moment. I'm Taking my time to enjoy the city and completing as many tasks as I can in the first play through without it feeling like a chore.

I completed the first part with Shun Akiyama (Very good stuff and very good writing) and I’m probably 1/4th through the second chapter with Taiga Saejima.

The characters are independently defined with deep backgrounds that contribute to their personalities and social interactions. What’s truly amazing is that there is a freshness to the game.
Sure, the graphic are slightly improved and the fighting mechanics are basically the same..that’s a given. The 'gem' however, is Kamuro City (it’s alive) and the fantastic story and lives presented through the writing and art direction.
It’s like watching your favorite annual sitcom take place in the most interesting place that you know. …it doesn’t get old.
… I just have to complete in the next month (Portal will be waiting)

Rob9462800d ago

Great review, just passed the game and I gotta say I loved every minute of it, the story was top notch and I can't wait to start all the side missions and everything else. I can see myself spending another 40 hours or so with this game.

iWishTifaWasReal2800d ago

F.C.K IGN!!!!!!!!!

anyway, i hope Yakuza 4 lets u BLUFF in poker now. -,-

seriously BLUFFING is an important play in POKER