Mortal Kombat (2011) Hands-On [Glitchy Tasty]'s Eric Dionne talks up his experience with Mortal Kombat at PAX East. He explains the differences between this PAX build and the PSN demo, as well.

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sikker442684d ago

theres no way im passing on this new mk.

Brawler2684d ago

My Favorite part about this whole review was about how the analog stick sucks on the PS3. Who uses the analog stick on a fighter its all about the D-Pad and sad to say the 360's D-Pad is terrible everything else is fine on that controller but D-Pad is terrible. But man analog stick on a fighting game just blows my mind.

sikker442684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

yea, i would not play this game for FREE on the xbox360. the dpad on the 360 SUCKS.

and kratos.

did i hurt your feelings somehow? lol chill out, calling someone a f tard isnt helping.

BX812684d ago


Don't be a fucktard! If you got the game for free on the 360 (if u own 1?) you would play it.

I have a 360/PS3 and I only get fighting games 4 da ps3 because of the D-pad.

KingDustero2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

True, very true. I don't see why anyone would even try to use the analogue sticks for a fighter. The D-Pad is MUCH faster and a LOT more accurate. Thus the PS3 controller destroys the 360 controller for fighters. IMO though the PS3 controller with the added "Real Triggers" attachment is the best first party controller currently out there.

I'll like to see though if NR has found a way to make the 360's D-Pad work better somehow for the new MK. I'm not going to buy the game on the 360, but all my friends only have 360s and I would like to be able to go over and show them how it is down. However I won't even think about playing them if the controls are horrendous like they are in EVERY fighting game on the 360.

April can't come soon enough. The demo is AMAZING, but it gets boring fast with predictable AI and no one else to play with. The AI isn't that good at all on Expert. They just sit there and block the whole time. Plus they automatically block whenever the player uses any kind of special at all, which is annoying since specials by themselves are useless against the AI. The player has to combo into them, which isn't too hard, but IMO the AI shouldn't be able to ALWAYS block Sub's Ice Slide no matter what. Plus the Ice Clone is useless unless the AI is already jumping since they just spam projectiles whenever it is up.

I really hope the AI is better in the final game.


Why would he play the game on an inferior controller? If I got the game for free on the 360 I'd just sell it for $30-$40. I wouldn't waste my time with the crappy 360 controller.

Skizelli2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Tournament Edition, the new 360 controller with a better D-Pad, or a Hori controller. Problem solved.

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midgard2272683d ago

im sorry, after the demo this game is complete trash, slow stiff, boring, same old MK except slower. trilogy and before that were the only decent ones, now the series is stale and boring. the fatalities are cool but core mechanics are horrible, and the X rays shud be skippable, they are repetitive, especially since everyone has 1, (atleast in demo)

i will rent it, play as kratos, then return it the next day and wait for actual good 3d fighters like soul cal 5 and dead or alive

Skizelli2682d ago

Sorry for what? Even the 1% of you who feel that way are entitled to your opinion.