Battlefield 3 uses FIFA's animation engine

DICE Lead Animator Tobias Dahl reveals how Battlefield 3's AI animation is handled by the EA Sports engine | FPS Tribe

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gravemaker2680d ago

strange idea, but it might work

FrigidDARKNESS2680d ago

EA is using that engine in all there Sports titles.

Malebaria2680d ago

Interesting. It seems to do wonders in BF3. Believable animations is a must for the realism BF is aiming.

hoops2680d ago

The animations in BF3 is amazing as seen so far.
Its a good choice

chak_2680d ago

Anmations are amazing to say the least, BUT (!) it's the solo, it could be a little bit scripted to feel more real depending on the place.

I hope it will be the same in MP though. And it will be a day 1 for sure

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