9.5 - Homefront Review

With all the First-Person Shooters out there, it becomes harder and harder to create one that can top the previous one. Hell, it’s hard just to make a shooter that is enjoyable with all the competition out there. In order to prove yourself in the world of FPS’s you must have something new and fresh about your game while still keeping the true essence that makes the game a First-Person Shooter. Homefront is a game that has.....

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NukaCola2500d ago

Reviews are all over the damn place.

Game0N2500d ago

i know right, wtffff!

who to believe?

NukaCola2500d ago

I am skipping it, but if my PSN friends tell me it's good, I will rent it.

BattleAxe2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

So first this rediculously stupid site writes an article about the tragedy of PS3 and Xbox 360s washing out to sea after the tsunami which is total disrespect to the Japanese people affected by the disaster, and now these clowns are giving Homefront a 9.5/10....

Everyone go to where it says just below the "Read Full review", click on it, the click WTF? and No. I'd love to see these idiots get banned from N4G.

SeraphimBlade2500d ago

Yeah! I'm usually not into shooters, so I'll probably skip on this one. But it should make a decent rental... I think?

Urmomlol2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Wow, this guy is such a shill for THQ it isn't even funny. The game is awful. Anyone who gives it higher than a 8 is either being paid off by THQ or genuinely has no taste in games.

Unless you can actually justify giving a game with a SP that lasts five hours a 9.5. I certainly can't.

Then again, GamingBolt is a bit of a joke anyway.

Ducky2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Portal's SP was shorter than 5 hours, and I'd give it a 9.5.

Though yea, Homefront is more of an 8, give or take a point.

EDIT: Well, I didn't know price factored in a review? A game should be judged on its quality. Then you, the consumer, have to decide whether it is worth the asking price or if you should wait for a price drop.

jbiz3202500d ago

yea but Portal wasnt meant to be a full $60 game.. It was an add-on.

gorebago2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

when portal first released, it was in the orange box with other awesome games in it including the series that the developers of this game hold as an inspiration so it was a great bargain. hl2 episode 1 released for $20 bucks originally and is just as long as this game. episode 2 is longer than homefront as well and it too was just an expansion.

Croash2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

"Well, I didn't know price factored in a review? "

Okay, say Castlevania : Lords of Shadow's DLC that is supposed to arrive in 2 weeks only has 30 minutes of gameplay for us.

The game is excellent, the graphics are great, the story is amazing, the music is almost perfect, the voice acting is impressive, the gameplay is satisfying.
But for $10, if the DLC is only 30 minutes long, the review's score will be affected.

So YES, price matters, it always does. Some games aren't meant to have the $60 price tag, and their review must show that. It's called "Not getting your money's worth", also known as "Developers just don't give a shit about you." and leading to "Here, have an awful score!" to warn potential buyers.

Edit: I'll add one thing regarding Urmomlol's comment that made you react.
"Unless you can actually justify giving a game with a SP that lasts five hours a 9.5."
Actually you can, as I said, it depends on the price of the game, but ultimately, it's about the fun factor. So let's forget about the price factor.

If a game is 5 hours long but is unfinitely replayable (isn't that Vanquish's case?), it can have an amazing score as long as it provides the player! Which is what gaming is about.
5 intense hours is always better than 20+ painfully boring hours.

byeGollum2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

@Urmomlol...shhhh... write us your own review.. and I bet you someone will bitch just like you are right now .. same cycle .. you ain't even played the game yet you tell others what score they should give lol

denero12500d ago

to high a score smh 8 at best >.>