Gears of War 3 PAX East Video Analysis

K.L. Smith: "The Gears of War Lessons series is here with the sixth Episode from @Skyzyn. This week’s Episode examines and analyzes some of the Gears of War 3 gameplay from those privileged enough to play it at PAX East this past weekend. I am pleased to see the speed of the gameplay returning to the speeds witnessed in the original Gears of War. Several of the weapons look a little overpowered and will hopefully be tweaked after feedback from the Gears of War 3 Beta."

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Troll_Police2592d ago

Looks like more of the same.

Kon2592d ago

Your trolling attempts too.

starchild2592d ago

Hardly. The cover system is much smoother and as they say the speed of movement is a lot better. The graphics are way better than past Gears of War games. I have very high hopes for this game.

Active Reload2592d ago

The cover in Gears2 was well refined and made the one from the first Gears feel stiff. If they can top Gears 2s' cover I'd be highly impressed.

bluwulf2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Considering that 360 owners already claimed Gears 2 was "WAYYY BETTER" than gears 1, I'll wait for direct feed to show everyone what they already know is going to happen to Gears 3...

1. Models in-game are low resolution. Been the same for every gears, no reason its changing now.
2. Textures on characters are low resolution. Been the same for every gears, no reason its changing now.
3. Bad clunky animation, you can already see this.
4. No advanced hair shaders or anything of the sort.
5. No facial animations, as you can see.. getting stabbed still makes you go :-|
6. No Object blur. Just full frame..

Gears3 is really the improvment that gears2 should have had, but again.. with Gears2 being the bar of console visuals for 360 owners, Gears3 is sure to cause a heart attack... but then some how try to justify how Crysis2 is beyond Gears2, yet... gears 2 is the bar.. and has..b een... eh.. Its hard logic, but makes sense to some...

Again, cant wait till the retail code comes out again. At least people aren't pretending the Bullshots from epic are in-game glory angles, everyone finally got that out of their head.

Gears & the unreal engine just isn't a graphical contender. Which is why no one in their right mind would ever compare it to Crysis on PC, Crysis 2, Metro2033 etc.. as most PS3 exclusives have been. Its just not pushing many boundaries, and then if it does it has to reduce its online by damn near 1/2 the quality the sp is, even though theres next to no post processing on the engine (gears2 & its low-low poly models online)

But again, seeing as how Gears2 is the bar for console games... Gears 3 is going to murder everything on earth! Look at that baked lighting go.

starchild2592d ago

Baked lighting? You're an idiot. The lighting and shadows are dynamic. Definitely some of the best lighting seen on consoles. Textures are very good as well. I've played Uncharted 2 online a lot and the textures in Gears 3 online are better.

You say "most PS3 exclusives"? Who are you trying to fool? Only a couple exclusives on PS3 were ever very impressive. The Uncharted and Killzone series look fantastic. But Gears 3 does look just as good.

As for "baked lighting", you do know that Killzone 2 and 3 had plenty of examples of baked lighting, right?

Toman852592d ago

Make the game better on multiplayer, dont be like Gears 2, that one is poop. Never play'd so bad multiplayer before, even worse than Red Faction Guerilla :P

RonaldRaygun2592d ago

Say what you want about Gears 2, but leave RFG out of this! :) I loved RFG's multiplayer.

maxcer2592d ago

usually when people hate MP in a game it means they get their ass handed to them online and give up. not the games fault you suck

MP is gears2 is fine. at launch it was a bit nasty but it's fixed now

Toman852591d ago

To late for that now Maxcer, its 2 years since the game came out, and no its not fixed, my weapons arent in the game, still lag and bugs. I loose my weapons in spawn every match, kinda insane.