Introducing The New-Look PlayStation.Blog

PSBlog: Notice anything different?

Today, we’re quite ecstatic to unveil the new look of the PlayStation.Blog. As the site marches towards its 4th anniversary in June, the patchwork, add-on look of these pages began to resemble the Weasley house. Also, we were tired of being unfavorably compared to our more attractive, cosmopolitan European sister site.

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colonel1792534d ago

I don't like it just because I don't know where to look, it's too clustered.

Silly gameAr2534d ago

It's definitely cluttered as hell. They said something about working on that though. Other then that it doesn't look to bad.

Blaze9292534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

they need to focus on making the main more better than some blog. That's just my opinion though.

The new forums they introduced last year are terrible. I have no idea how to post or create topics anymore. Not to mention just to get to the forums you have to "find" it way down at the bottom. Then the categories are gone and all I see are recent content etc.

You still can't send/read messages from PSN on the site.

I don't have a clue how to access the playstation store anymore. Can't purchase and add items to a queue from the website.

Still no data feed to easily share your gaming activity with services like Raptr.

Can't accept/send friend requests.

G.A.P. hasn't been updated in months. Still has contests that ran March 2010.

And not sure what the point of having a widescreen layout is if you don't even fill 50% or more of it with content. It's just gray empty space. Same thing with the new PS Blog layout. Some color above and then you scroll down and see nothing but graaaaaaaaaaay.

There are tons more and it may seem like I'm nitpicking but these are just things that have annoyed me about for awhile now and what are they doing? Updating blogs....

Jezuz2534d ago

They should make the forums back to it's original form.

banjadude2534d ago

HA! I was just thinking about their promise to update the blog.

I like the new design... partly. I wish everything wasn't cluttered into the middle. I would have liked them to use more of the sides, and spread things out. The background and colors are nice though.

Redempteur2534d ago

it's not bad but i'm not happy either ..
it feels like a regression to me .. but there is nothing broken like with the kotaku redesign that was awefull on all levels

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