25 Must-Play Wii Games You May Have Overlooked: 5-1

Countless Nintendo Wii games go ignored constantly despite being worthy additions to any gamer's collection of titles. Bright Hub gives you the top five overlooked Wii games.

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TXIDarkAvenger2604d ago

Muramasa was a really good game. I don't know about MadWorld being overlooked though because it is quite a popular Wii game because of the blood and everything.

TheSanchezDavid2604d ago

While it was praised, it didn't sell as well as Sega and Platinum would have hoped.

n4f2604d ago

its a 5 hours game with no replay value no multiplayer and not really advertisement. what did you expect

Seferoth752603d ago

Actually they both said it sold as they expected. Just kids like you spinning it into something it isnt..

TheSanchezDavid2603d ago

Think twice before you call this 24 year old full-time games journalist a kid. The game didn't sell well to the point where Sega and Platinum considered the Wii a mismatch for MadWorld. If you've got a link to an article that says it sold as they expected, by all means, prove me wrong. That's what I do when users like you say something that seems pretty inaccurate. Show me the article that states both Sega and Platinum expected the game to sell poorly, otherwise I've got no reason to believe your statement.

Seferoth752603d ago

Where is your proof it sold poorly or that both Sega and plat games considered it a mismatch?

Seferoth752603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

"House of the Dead has done very well and has absolutely met our expectations," Ratcliffe said. "The first set of data for MadWorld is very encouraging, as well."

It went on to have over 600k in sales. Now honestly kid, thats not a failure on any console. Better games have sold less on both the 360 and PS3.

Only people that think they know about sales will act like it did poorly. For a 5 hour black and white game with no replay value it did pretty good.

When you look at the extemely lower development cost of Wii game and tbe lack of a major ad compaign the game likely made them more than the one of their million sellers on HD consoles.

But let's see your link now. You know the one where you claimed both companies said they were dissapointed with its sales. Sales that far excede a good number of PS3 games I might add

TheSanchezDavid2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Mike Hayes from Sega: "Critically it (MadWorld) got a lot of acclaim, but commercially it wasn't the success we wanted it to be. Clearly that was a mismatch with the Wii audience..." Note the phrase "it wasn't the success we wanted it to be" and the word "mismatch," both of which prove my two claims.

Source: http://www.computerandvideo...

If you want more sales proof, here are two sources:


Oh, and I just thought I'd add that the sales of the game actually discouraged Sega to the point where they started doubting releasing M-rated games on the Wii in the future:


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gypsygib2604d ago

Half the games are 2D side scrollers.

tunaks12604d ago

"Half the games are 2D side scrollers."
what were you looking for,
generic shooters? There is already a console dedicated for that.

soren2604d ago

shooters are bore alrealy just look at that varity