Undead Labs: Class 3 is the “platform” for Class 4

Undead Labs’ Jeff Strain has said the first of the studio’s two zombie games will act as prequel and “platform” to the second.

Speaking to Massively, Strain explained that Class 3, the code name for a recently revealed Xbox Live Arcade open world survival horror game, is in some ways the same project as its planned massively multiplayer follow up, Class 4.

“Class 3 is designed to be a fun game in its own right,” he said. “It’s not a massively multiplayer game with six thousand hours’ worth of playtime. What we hope to do with it is bring players into the game, and from there, let them have a voice in how we shape Class 4.

“By creating this contained experience, we’re really going to flesh out our goals for the game and identify those areas where we need input from the community in terms of how we’re going to turn it into a full-scale online world. Part of what we hope to accomplish is to make sure that those channels are in place so that people can guide and direct us as we...

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