Homefront: 'If the big developers won't take risks, it's up to us to break the mould'

CVG: Next month, Homefront leaps out of cover - and into one of gaming's fiercest battlegrounds.

THQ is poised to capture its own slice of a huge market with the title, by pushing back against recent genre conventions. Its tenacious marketing campaign focuses on the title's striking mix of napalm with narrative; histrionics with history.

But in a crowded release period stuffed with the likes of Bulletstorm, Killzone 3 and Crysis 2, can Homefront really offer enough innovation and freshness to stand out?

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Beahmscream2766d ago

That's what we like to hear.

darthv722766d ago

that looks like keanu reeves when his eyes bandaged in the matrix.

Active Reload2766d ago

Or the blind guy from Mortal Kombat Deception.

On topic: Only shooting stars...

Commander_TK2766d ago

Here that EA, Ubisoft, THQ and Activision?

DaCajun2766d ago

@ Commander

Hear what? If you are talking about breaking the mold with Homefront, then why did you mention THQ because they are the ones releasing this game.

Downtown boogey2766d ago

Oh yeah!!
THAT is why Kaos is making a First-Person Shooter!!

thorstein2766d ago

With this and KZ3... I won't need any of the others....

DelbertGrady2766d ago

You mean with this, Battlefield 3, KZ3, Crysis 2, RAGE and Brink I won't need any others? ;)

Perjoss2766d ago

its like poker... if all you do is check, you never really make any money, gotta make some bets baby.

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chak_2766d ago


Homefront looks nothing like risky though.

plb2766d ago

It looks like MW2 to me tbh

Elven62766d ago

Homefront has an actual story which seems plausible. Modern Warfare 2 had a generic story so far removed from reality it hurt. Homefront is dealing more with the emotional aspect of invasion, MW2 had none of that.

chak_2766d ago


There is NO WAY in hell any country would invade an other just like that.

I mean they have to cross the sea with their whole army, it's not even possible.

NK invading SK yeah, but not a country that far.

It's like engliand invading brasil or something, you'd see it coming millllllles ahead.

Perjoss2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

@ chak_

or like the US invading the middle east?

creeping judas2766d ago

@ chak

The possibilities are far greater then you think. The US and Canada both have for a long time admitted that if Russia or a country aided by Russia wanted to attacke the United States they would do it thru Canada or start the invasion from Alaska. Logistically it is easier to do it that way rather then attack the US on the east or west coast. And it sucks that us Canadian's couldn't really do too much to stop such an attack.

Just saying, not disagreeing.

Rocket Sauce2766d ago

Homefront looks every bit as funny as MW2

MARKUS_MAX1MUS2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

No way America could be invaded in 2027? lol dont delude yourself with your convieniance and superiority feeling, thats exactly what they are talking about in this game.

The Story goes with this game that Korea has been unified and has also assimilated other asian nations into its empire, japan among them.

And the US dollar has collapsed and the countrys wealth is practically gone, they still have a military presence but its not as great as today while the Korean empire has millions with japan and other countries invading america.

and in homefront, america isnt completely under control, theres parts the US military still holds.

Like I said, 2027, you cant predict the future, watch the timline trailer

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theonlylolking2766d ago

Just like MAG. MAG chose the risk of pure tactical FPS with many players. This game is almost doing the same.

At this time in this gen of consoles was not a good time to do these games. They should have waited for the next gen when people are willing to try new things and have few games to play.

I am not saying these games are bad since I think MAG is awesome and this game can be also.

Droid Control2766d ago

How is Homefront, another FPS a a risk?

Blad3star2766d ago

I did not read the article but he is probably talking about having a controversial story as appose to being a American killing Japanese or Russians.

Or he could be talking about game play not being your average COD FPS.

2766d ago
xc7x2766d ago

what risk? a lame story? multiplayer same as other games? tell me again THQ,i missed what you're saying.

Klepto2766d ago

The multiplayer in Homefront looks incredibly unique. And I believe in Black ops they stole from Kaos studios with their little RC car that blows up.

xc7x2766d ago

not to me,looks generic. actually that rc car thing has been done in their first game [Frontlines] but that don't make multiplayer incredible.

SixZeroFour2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

and guess who made frontlines FoW

edit...misread "in their first game" as "in another game"

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