Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Gameplay Highlight Video #1

A small snippet of raw gameplay footage taken in hardcore mode has just been posted up on the official Operation Flashpoint: Red River blog. For those of you who don’t already know hardcore mode strips out all visible HUD elements during gameplay making for a more visceral and intense experience, along with disabling checkpoints and respawns for dead fireteam members.

In this first gameplay highlight video the USMC assault a well dug in PLA force but in the process come under severe mortar and artillery fire, taking some severe casualties.

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malyn2825d ago

this game need more improvements

KRATOS-PS32825d ago

Well, it looks outdated. I had the very first Operation Flashpoint for PC. This was an unique experience years ago.

MGRogue20172825d ago

Not too bad... but Killzone 3 is way more immersive

awiseman2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

There totally diff styles of games fool. I find it funny how I was brought onto this trailer more than I have ever been in ANY cod title.

first two comments are trolling
Give me a break...

retrofly2825d ago

Yeah but Dragon Rising looked good in trailers and was absolute tosh to play.
Beware Codemasters marketing, they are very clever at making s**t look good.

jjohan352821d ago

lol I remember awiseman defending Dragon Rising when it first came out like a total fanboy. It was a terrible shooter that consisted of crawling and sniping.

This trailer showed footage of running through the fields like a little girl and some explosions in the background sound (you can hardly SEE them).

Nuclearwinter2825d ago

Hopefully this game wont suffer from the same issues that Dragon Rising did. That is staying completely silent about MP all the way up until the day before launch because they knew it was garbage.

Kon2825d ago

Still wont beat Arma 2.

retrofly2825d ago

This guy knows his stuff ^^^^

ian722825d ago

I didn't get the first with all the bad reviews etc it got, hoping this one will be better. These type of games where you have to think and use tactics are the ones I like, more than the just run around killing games. I will get this if it turns out well with no big bugs.

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