Kinect Hacked To Work With iPhone, WP7 Be Damned

Last week at a Microsoft press conference at the Mobile World Congress, a Redmond outfit showed off its upcoming integration between Windows Phone 7 and the Xbox Kinect.

Microsoft showed off a video of a chap playing Rally Ball – a game where a Kinect player has to hit flying balls with their body. The integration with WP7 comes where a phone can be used to actually control the balls being thrown. All very exciting, if fairly pointless. If only we could do the same with our iPhones…

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JD_Shadow2826d ago

Waits for the "get those hackers, Microsoft! Show them! Kill them! Light them on fire!" comments.

Oh, wait...

ComboBreaker2826d ago

Google is very happy about it.
Microsoft, not so much.

mcstorm2826d ago

woulo know why it would be pointless if its on the iPhone. Not every one has a iPhone and with kinect being a MS product you would start to see alot of firstparty games get this addon.

And for the iPhone to have this function you would have to jailbreak it such only a small number of people do this where it will be built into wp7.

Rainstorm812826d ago

What is the point?

Kinect with mobile devices? Are you going to carry the kinect cam in your pocket? Or just hook up your WP7 or Iphone while at home, just to throw balls (ATM)...

I understand integrating kinect into all MS products, but cant this be done using kinect already 2 player functionality. I dont know im not a casual motion fan so maybe i just dont understand its usefulness