Playstation Move Sharpshooter Unboxing and Review – With Killzone 3 and MAG Gameplay

Check Out this sweet in-depth Unboxing & Review of the PlayStation Move Sharpshooter by YouTube user "F1shard"

He goes into alot of detail & also shows it working with Killzone 3 & some MAG as well.


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MaximusPrime2831d ago

Very good video! Shows how cool this sharpshooter is and how accurate PS move is with shoot em up games. Thanks!

Derekvinyard132831d ago

agreed, need more unbiased vids like this

Elimin82830d ago

Nunchuck? Nav! You big dummy!

Motion2831d ago

"Seems we've got some deckles." (decals)

Lol. Good review through :)

sickbird2831d ago

hahaha yea that was funny as hell.

eggbert2831d ago

haha for a second I thought he had 4 screens going at once.

NBT912831d ago

I do like the reload button on the bottom like that.

ArchangelMike2831d ago

I already got mine on pre-order!!!
5 days and counting.

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The story is too old to be commented.