Marvel vs Capcom: a History of the Vs Fighting series

After 11 years of anticipation, speculation and plain ol’ hoping against hope, Marvel vs Capcom 3 is finally a reality. You’re now just a few days away from its worldwide release, so naturally interest in this long-awaited sequel is at its peak. Capcom’s got a strong new roster of characters, and Marvel is arguably more popular now than it’s ever been, so the time is perfect for a new entry in the long-lasting Vs series.

But where did it all start?

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Ponurasky2775d ago

I love first MvC. It's still a mindblowing game. Second one was just too chaotic and arenas weren't that impressive IMO. Yet it was still fun to play. But I'm totally not interested in MvC3. It looks awful for me both in art-direction and gameplay.