Killzone 3 and Black Ops PS3 Issues Will Doom First Strike DLC Sales

As many of you may have already heard, the First Strike Map Pack DLC will be available for download on PlayStation Network March 3rd. The question is, how many people from the PlayStation community still care about Call of Duty: Black Ops?

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xxxAnubisxxx2779d ago

It would be nice to see Activision see a huge decrease in sales because of their lack of PS3 support. Probably won't matter, though.

lostinplace2779d ago

Activision is the devil of the gaming industry

TheLastGuardian2779d ago

$15 pricetag
It went to the Xbox first
I hate Black Ops, Activisioon and Treyarch
I won't be playing it once Killzone 3 comes out
I'm selling Black Ops so I can afford Killone 3

Killzone 3 isn't the only thing huting First Strikes sales.

norman292779d ago

Not devils, just pricks

BattleAxe2779d ago

I hope people take a stand this time around.

dangert122779d ago

COD fans are blind there is no way there missing out on more cod day one
Im a Kz fan and don't think a single COD touches killzone 2 i still prefer kz 2 to the three beta yeah its not perfect but it takes alot more skill then kz3
i mean the sniper has gone from one hit one kill to
how many hits and a rapider reload?

I will play kz3 online but im about its story since the demo got me mad excited then its back too kz 2 online until socom 4

PinchoVe2779d ago

I think you mean the STA rifle, which is a one shot rifle with a power scope, not a sniper. The VC32, on the other hand, is a one shot sniper rifle.

dangert122779d ago

I mean the fucking rifle that the scout has in killzone 2 the one the scout has in kz3 is not one shot one kill and is the sta rifle the sabetuer has in killzone 2 cause im not on about that

UnwanteDreamz2779d ago


If you hit em in the head it is lol

f7897902779d ago

I think MS's bribe makes up for any lost sales.

dangert122779d ago

thats a smart comment bubbles

PinchoVe2779d ago

im pretty sure it wont work, the income from the DLC will be huge, but i think it will send a message. I stopped playing BO ever since KZ3 Beta came out.

Even though there are issues entering games, once you are in there are absolutely no signs of lag and the gameplay is fun, frenetic, and brutal.

SuperbVillain2779d ago

It would be even better to see Activision see a huge decrease in sales because of Killzone 3 :)

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DoomeDx2779d ago

" The question is, how many people from the PlayStation community still care about Call of Duty: Black Ops? "

Alot.. Unfortunatly.

UnwanteDreamz2779d ago

Yeah I notice that as well but when I look at these gamer's cards it is obvious what kind of gamer loves BO alot.

Most of the hardcore BO players I know only play shooters. I ask them if they tried Dead Space 2 or a game like Uncharted 2 and they just stare blankly.

SeanScythe2779d ago

COD requires little skill to rack up points. Just having a good kill streak will get you all you need. KZ on the other hand is not going to hold your hand and give you free kills just because you killed 5 people without dying.

The Meerkat2779d ago

Most of my friends won't play Halo for the same reason.
They can't get cheap kills.

I hope KZ3 sells 10 million and gives Activision a bloody nose.

Pixel_Enemy2779d ago

I love how in Killzone, it's not about YOUR K/D ratio. It's about you helping the team and what ever the mission is at the time. It is much more tactical and team based rather than.. RUN AND GUN EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF! Even in the objective based game types in COD no one works together.

f7897902779d ago

Definitely. I rarely see people charge as a team to the objective in COD. It happens all the time in Killzone.

NukaCola2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

What's worse is that is the mindset of COD players who transition to other games. Look at MAG. It took a while before people started working as a team. And COD kids who are new Battlefield players are the same way. People would run and gun, when they needed to work together. COD has taught people that it's OK to game selfishly, when in fact it isn't. But let them game that way. I like knowing I have a medic on my team, or hear a guy say "Frag Out" before I go into a room and fall to fratricide. Killzone 3 is going to be great. Battlefield 3 is going to great. Man I hope the AAA games in Nov. overshadow the next COD. It's ok to have a running game people enjoy, but COD never changes, and I am looking for something fresh.

trounbyfire2779d ago

i can't tell you how cool it is to see 4 or 5 people around you in assassination there to protect you.

or when you have to defend from explosive being planted and you see people actually trying to defend.

its great but BC2 has that as well.

XtremeHDGamer2779d ago

Only COD Map packs=Game Sharing FTW!!!

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