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Submitted by alojuanjo 1752d ago | news

Yamauchi wants you to think about death

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi wishes there was a game that made people think about coming to terms with death.

Speaking at the DICE 2011 summit in Las Vegas (and reported by Gamasutra), the Polyphony Digital CEO outlined his vision for the game he wants the industry to produce. (Kazunori Yamauchi, PS3)

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dangert12  +   1752d ago
Wish there was one then we could all get along peacefully and without fear
Army_of_Darkness  +   1752d ago
Well, dantes inferno...
Made me hope that when i die i don't go to hell!!!!
dangert12  +   1752d ago
Your an honest man disgusted by the sins you have made in life don't be to harsh on yourself ;) LOL
Downtown boogey  +   1752d ago
Must be easy thinking you'll actually continue "life" after death...
From my point of view, it's not easy, but what am I gonna do?
mikeslemonade  +   1752d ago
I think about death all the time and I haven't accepted the fact that I will die sometime either. If only I was never borned I wouldn't have to worry about it.
nickjkl  +   1752d ago
im ok with death as long as im not killed , die in pain, die when old

basically i wanna go out when im like 50 and can still do things for myself
dulinf  +   1751d ago
Who the ak hi thinks he is...what a lamer what Japan Yamauchi
pain777pas  +   1752d ago
Taking this out of context as designed by Eurogamer Kojima will be the one to deliver. He would come up with something both fun and tragic.
--------  +   1752d ago
You beat me to it.

Hideo Kojima (pure genius) needs to make this game. We'll see how Fox news likes that one.

For example, when I thought that Snake had killed himself in the graveyard scene, it's not like I was balling my eyes out, but after playing the series throughout my whole life up to that point, I was sorry to see him go (or so I thought, as he lived!)
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Theonik  +   1752d ago
(MGS4 spoilers) Not really killing Snake at the graveyard was a big BS moment imo. Ending would have been better if the game ended after the first credits. Bringing Big Boss back from the dead was kinda eh.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1752d ago
How about a game that makes me think I'm getting some sexy time. And then....FOREVER ALONE.

"coming to terms with death" is counter-intuitive to human nature. I'll go out kicking and screaming :)
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visualb  +   1752d ago
"Yamauchi wants you to think about death"

he made a great game, "gamers" were disrespectful and now he wants revenge xD


good topic=) will never get old so as long as it evolves with the times
EyeContact  +   1752d ago
Eurogamer just took the words "taken out of text" to a whole new level.
MintBerryCrunch  +   1752d ago
serious crash causing your driver to die...something that would be interesting GT wise
starcb26  +   1752d ago
And then you have to start over :D
RevXM  +   1751d ago
And then the diehard Forza fans will be all over it again.

"OK, now it is finally 100% realistic, but no noob timemachine button?
Ohw gawd SUCKS!"

Jokes aside, I think its important what Yamauchi says.
Im an atheist, when I die I dont know what will happen most likely I will just... well its hard to explain so you guys will imagine it as I do, but I simply wont exsist, my feelings, senses, memory everything will not exsist and it wont even be pitch black. just nothing.

Now how am I supposed to deal with that?
Well maybe it is possible that thinking that we will leave this world for someone else to live a good life is a way to easy things.
Just an example.
Black102WingS  +   1752d ago
Looks like someone's wishing for death because every GT he makes, to him its not perfect however with death, its perfect. lol
Godmars290  +   1752d ago
Shut up and make another Omega Boost - you wonderful perfectionist bastard!

(wait, did I actually type that?)
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Downtown boogey  +   1752d ago
Godmars290  +   1751d ago
I honestly don't know if you're saying my comment was lame, Yamauchi is lame, or Omega Boost was a lame game. If not all three.

Don't you think you should make better use of your bubbles?
Relientk77  +   1752d ago
So emo
Lirky  +   1752d ago
Well he should add-in an update to GT5 where like the driver can die while staying in the car. Like shattered glass everywhere heavy car damage etc.
ricj615  +   1752d ago
i think he needs a hug or a session with Dr. Phil. But the game that can closely give you that feeling is heavy rain. I know it doesn't make you come to terms with but it does give you that i wanna stay alive feeling. I may be wrong in some ways but after reading the article that was the first game that came to my mind. But hey that's my 2 cents on it.
Ninver  +   1752d ago
Must be going through some tough times to wish for such games. Why would anyone want to think about dying?
Burning_Finger  +   1752d ago
New IP Confrimed??

*Insert game name here *: THE REAL DEATH SIMULATOR..... :)
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a_bro  +   1752d ago

j/k bros..
zackacloud  +   1752d ago
WOW people too fast about leak information !!
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alojuanjo  +   1752d ago
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   1752d ago
perhaps he'll make a movie game, death race. nah thats a horrible idea, but im sure he could make it work. at least better than that shitty movie.
jc48573  +   1752d ago
die pixels, die!
CGI-Quality  +   1752d ago
I know of a game like that, it's called HEAVY RAIN! :P
stuntman_mike  +   1752d ago
Death is treated as something trivial in games, when the character dies we press continue and there he is again waiting for you. it would be great if when your character dies and you have to load a check point the character on screen starts getting deja'vu, and starts saying things like "Havent i already been through this level" "or havent i seen that monster before" just weird 4th wall stuff.
--------  +   1752d ago
Breaking the 4th barrier/wall

Definitely. As mentioned above, Hideo Kojima would be great for that. A look at the MGS series will tell you that breaking the 4th barrier/wall really puts the gamer IN the game. You become the character, as pathetic as that may sound to some, it's a great experience.

Would definitely agree with the Heavy Rain references. Tough decision making regarding a characters life conjures up emotions, it might seem 'emo' to some - but if you're a perfectly happy video game enthusiast you'll still love it, because games like that tend to be hailed as master pieces, and I would be inclined to agree.
sp1deynut  +   1752d ago
Mission accomplished....
...I actually considered killing myself, due to boredom, while playing GT4 on PS2. :o
mightyboot  +   1752d ago
wow! Yamauchi takes simulation very seriously. xD
--------  +   1752d ago
To add a 3rd and final comment to the article
I'd say yes, it is taken out of context. Making a game that "helps you come to terms with death" sounds like you're preparing to die in the very near future.

However, making a game that showed people how serious death is, is a completely different story. It's like meeting a terminally ill patient. You get to know them and realize that they're great people, but they won't be around for long - and then you realize you might be around for 3 times the span of their life, and you might decide to live it to the fullest, even if it's just out of respect for that person.

It might sound depressing as hell, but if there was a game that did that to people, I bet their outlook on life would improve, and that they would be happier. It's about showing people what they have now, not showing people how depressing their final moments may be. Make people grateful that they may live to 85, not pissed off and scared because they only got given 85 years to live, with no respawn.
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Ace_1975  +   1752d ago
You are on this earth for what is only a blink of a eye. Your life is nothing but a milisecond in time, nothing when compared to eternity. Yet people are so hung up on this world and what it can offer them. You are here one minute and gone the next, and there is fuck all you can do about it.

If you beleive in life after death then you should spend some time getting your soul prepared for it. If you don't believe in life after death, then I don't know what to say, because the thought of dying after 70+ years and never thinking of anything or feeling anything ever again for all eternity scares the shit out of me. Luckily I do belive in God so that gives me some relief, but then I realise I'm living a pretty sinful life and I'm once again waking up in fear of dying.

If you believe in God and don't want to be afraid of death , then you have to be on his side and stop doing what you want all the time. Do what he wants and you have nothing to be afraid of. Once you are not afraid of death, you are not afraid of nothing. Because you realise you carry on and this body stays behind and rots but you are somewhere else, in a better place hopefully.
VladimirK  +   1752d ago
How about The Graveyard by Tale of Tales?
NotSoSilentBob  +   1752d ago
Wonder if he has played Heavy Rain?
shotgun_ps3  +   1752d ago
Well I did think about killing myself when I was playing FF13 but am guessing that's not what Yamauchi is going for.
NarooN  +   1752d ago
coldfoot  +   1752d ago
Besides Heavy Rain, there's COD4
I thought the nuke explosion scene and your inability to do anything to avoid it was awesome at the time.
NarooN  +   1752d ago
After playing Black Ops and realizing how terrible it was, I contemplated suicide. I was in awe of how atrocious the industry is now, and I was ready to get some rope.
Masterchef2007  +   1752d ago
The only reason why the COD games are the way they are is because people keep buying them. If you were a dev and you knew that a certain franchise you own will sell no matter what you do to it. What would you do? You would produce it cheaply and sell it at a premium price same goes to the DLC. This is the reason why i hate COD games. I rather buy a game from a dev who has to make an effort to make the game great in order for it to sell. Then from a dev who makes no effort in their games cause they know it will sell no matter what.
NarooN  +   1751d ago
That's why I'm glad I didn't buy Black Ops.
Theonik  +   1752d ago
Take a break from GT and make a new Omega Boost Kaz! But yeah the quote was taken out of context. New ip would be great too, haven't made one of those in a while. *excluding that Bike game
Masterchef2007  +   1752d ago
Well then we know what his next game will be about then.
TheTwelve  +   1751d ago
Read the Bible.

Rettom  +   1751d ago
Even though there is life after death, you should still try to live as long as possible on Earth :p

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