Yamauchi wants you to think about death

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi wishes there was a game that made people think about coming to terms with death.

Speaking at the DICE 2011 summit in Las Vegas (and reported by Gamasutra), the Polyphony Digital CEO outlined his vision for the game he wants the industry to produce.

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dangert122660d ago

Wish there was one then we could all get along peacefully and without fear

Army_of_Darkness2660d ago

Made me hope that when i die i don't go to hell!!!!

dangert122660d ago

Your an honest man disgusted by the sins you have made in life don't be to harsh on yourself ;) LOL

Downtown boogey2660d ago

Must be easy thinking you'll actually continue "life" after death...
From my point of view, it's not easy, but what am I gonna do?

mikeslemonade2660d ago

I think about death all the time and I haven't accepted the fact that I will die sometime either. If only I was never borned I wouldn't have to worry about it.

nickjkl2660d ago

im ok with death as long as im not killed , die in pain, die when old

basically i wanna go out when im like 50 and can still do things for myself

dulinf2660d ago

Who the ak hi thinks he is...what a lamer what Japan Yamauchi

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pain777pas2660d ago

Taking this out of context as designed by Eurogamer Kojima will be the one to deliver. He would come up with something both fun and tragic.

--------2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )


Hideo Kojima (pure genius) needs to make this game. We'll see how Fox news likes that one.

For example, when I thought that Snake had killed himself in the graveyard scene, it's not like I was balling my eyes out, but after playing the series throughout my whole life up to that point, I was sorry to see him go (or so I thought, as he lived!)

Theonik2660d ago

(MGS4 spoilers) Not really killing Snake at the graveyard was a big BS moment imo. Ending would have been better if the game ended after the first credits. Bringing Big Boss back from the dead was kinda eh.

HolyOrangeCows2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

How about a game that makes me think I'm getting some sexy time. And then....FOREVER ALONE.

"coming to terms with death" is counter-intuitive to human nature. I'll go out kicking and screaming :)

visualb2660d ago

"Yamauchi wants you to think about death"

he made a great game, "gamers" were disrespectful and now he wants revenge xD


good topic=) will never get old so as long as it evolves with the times

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EyeContact2660d ago

Eurogamer just took the words "taken out of text" to a whole new level.

MintBerryCrunch2660d ago

serious crash causing your driver to die...something that would be interesting GT wise

starcb262660d ago

And then you have to start over :D

RevXM2660d ago

And then the diehard Forza fans will be all over it again.

"OK, now it is finally 100% realistic, but no noob timemachine button?
Ohw gawd SUCKS!"

Jokes aside, I think its important what Yamauchi says.
Im an atheist, when I die I dont know what will happen most likely I will just... well its hard to explain so you guys will imagine it as I do, but I simply wont exsist, my feelings, senses, memory everything will not exsist and it wont even be pitch black. just nothing.

Now how am I supposed to deal with that?
Well maybe it is possible that thinking that we will leave this world for someone else to live a good life is a way to easy things.
Just an example.

Black102WingS2660d ago

Looks like someone's wishing for death because every GT he makes, to him its not perfect however with death, its perfect. lol

Godmars2902660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Shut up and make another Omega Boost - you wonderful perfectionist bastard!

(wait, did I actually type that?)

Godmars2902660d ago

I honestly don't know if you're saying my comment was lame, Yamauchi is lame, or Omega Boost was a lame game. If not all three.

Don't you think you should make better use of your bubbles?

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