Kinect Halo on the way?

Well after it was recently discovered that Microsoft owned the domain for a SSX and Sims Kinect a new domain was also discovered to be owned by them called

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deadreckoning6662846d ago

That would be the LEAST surprising thing for Kinect considering how important Halo is to the Xbox name.

velocitygamer2846d ago

No..just no...I like my Halo on the controller.

sdtarm2846d ago

This game is gonna suck lol

thereapersson2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )



@ below

Haha, remember that "commercial" with that guy and the old woman using ther fingers as guns?

Burning_Finger2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

@ thereapersson

You are doing it wrong.



In seriousness. LET HALO AND MASTER CHIEF DIE IN PEACE. It just shows Microsoft that they don't have anything else to offer besides HALO.

norman292846d ago

Pew Pew Pew oh no ive been shot quick fall to the ground till i respawn..../s

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pain777pas2846d ago

If they force the issue it will not end well. If this is optional then by all means push it. I mean why wouldn't they?

awiseman2846d ago

Doubt it, if Gears doesnt go to Kinect then Halo liekly woudnt either.

wwm0nkey2846d ago

I think you missed the part where this website is owned by Microsoft.

FailOverHero2846d ago

I think you missed the part where Gears isn't exactly owned by Microsoft. Halo on the other hand they can do with what they want

Anarki2846d ago

Halo is owned BY Microsoft. Gears of war is owned and developed BY Epic games - a 3rd party company. They could put gears 3 on the ps3 if they wanted.

Roozium2846d ago

Nope. Microsoft owns the publishing rights to Gears of War 1+2+3.

Anarki2846d ago

Microsoft *OWNED* the publishing rights to gears 1-2, not 3.

lodossrage2846d ago

Just the way Microsoft owned the publishing rights to Ninja Gaiden 2 right?

All Tecmo had to do was rework some programming and rename the game and BAM, next thing you know, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on ps3. Epic can just as easily do the same

palaeomerus2846d ago

If Epic does that, and replaces all the blood with purple explosions it will be a bit disappointing. :D

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Convas2846d ago

They wouldn't. No really, they wouldn't would they?! Dammit!

PeeWizzle2846d ago

That would be pretty terrible.

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