theGamerBuzz: Why The World Doesn’t Need Nintendo

This is an opinionated piece describing what Nintendo has become and what they may never be again. It dives into the history of their consoles and when they began to steer away from being the powerhouse they once were.

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poe2871d ago

The powerhouse they once were? Don't you mean are? Just because you have grown up and dont enjoy Nintendo as much as you did when you were younger, doesn't mean Nintendo has changed. It MEANS YOU HAVE CHANGED.

Marcus Fenix2871d ago

why the world doesn't need

Perjoss2871d ago

I dont agree with this article at all, Nintendo have proven that the most important thing about a video game even above graphics and sound is that it should be fun. Sometimes its hard to play Nintendo games without a smile on your face.

Kewl_Kat2871d ago

I think the article is removed. It says No Results Found.

morkendo232871d ago

who need thegamingbuzz any how.

zireno2871d ago

I like them just the way they are, they have always been this way since I can remember, the only two things I would like from them would be an HD console and better online (no friend codes) aside from those two points I think they are great, if you want violence or more mature content there's alway sony and microsoft.

Nicaragua2871d ago

aww come on - whats wrong with Nintendo providing for all audiences like they used to in the SNES and N64 days ?

Mortal Kombat, Doom, Killer Instinct - what the fuck happened ?

I cannot be arsed buying an entirely seperate console just to play the few cutesy Nintendo franchises i like when the majority of the time i prefer mature games.

zireno2870d ago

sorry to disagree but nintendo has always been the same, 3rd party developers are the ones who moved on to other consoles, nintendo never developed Mortal Kombat, Doom, etc. Nintendo games have always been "family oriented" like mario, zelda, kirby, donkey kong and so on.

There's mature content to be found on the wii, like no more heroes and mad world just to name a couple, but to say that it's nintendo's fault not providing the games you like is wrong, developers choose the platform they want and this gen most of them went for sony and microsoft.

Tommykrem2871d ago

Nintendo has changed. They no longer mange games marketed solely to adults. Jesus, is that so hard to deal with? That's perhaps the Wii's main problem! Every console has a problem! Nintendo has found a way to profit, and they still make fantastic games. Ju

(I know that Nintendo first party studios has attempted once or twice to market a game to adults. But one or two games that hit 70 on Metacritic isn't really what I'm talking about here)

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