TGS07: Final Fantasy XIII trailer impressions

Earlier trailers highlighted Lightning, but the trailer at TGS showed off a number of new characters, environments and creatures. A gunman that seems to have specific mastery over water shoots a crystal, creating a massive water summon. Paths of ice form in the sky, as he rides along on a motorcycle. Certainly, a spectacle to behold.

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drtysouf213681d ago

"The trailer ends with a proud proclamation "PS3 Only," to silence any doubters."

And i want to know what different game stole the show!

iNcRiMiNaTi3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

FFVII remake?

marinelife93681d ago

Why did they stop at saying a different game stole the show but not say what it is? It's like asking how do you keep an idiot in suspense.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3681d ago

FFvs13 stole the show. When you click on a "different game" stole the show, it will redirect you to FFvs13.

vloeistof3681d ago

we were surprised that a different game in the Square Enix theater stole the show. omg what could that be ??

lonestarmt3681d ago

The trailers sounds awesome, but I shocked with TGS this year. Capcom said they had three big games, but we have heard nothing. Square said they had a secret game, but i guess its that on the the 360 discovery. Famitsu said that there was a game making its debut that was funded by sony made by a third party that will save the ps3, well what the hell is that game?? is it a game we already heard of that we just now are seeing more of? Whats with the huge tease at the end of this story? Either everyone has been sworn not say anything about the big game or the FF vii remake, or they now we want it and they are just toying with us as a joke. I hope its not the latter

Lightning Mr Bubbles3681d ago

So far the biggest news for PS3 at TGS has been HOME delayed into 2008 and Rumble comming in 2008. More people would of bought PS3 if Sony simply hadn't delivered any keynote.

lonestarmt3681d ago

I hear you there better be bigger news down the line. A new kingdom hearts game great! on the psp? ok. Actualy gameplay footage of white story was nice, and yakuza blew me away, but i was expecting more really. Sony's press conference was lame. The only big news was the new controller. i sure hope they are just letting the third party devs make the big headlines for them. Them saying the game that will save the ps3 in japan, but I don't think thats yakuza, although it does look damn good or ff13 being ps3 only, i mean we already knew that. anyway if nothing more big comes out, i think its safe to say sony lost a great chance to make a huge leap and take the lead this holiday season.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3681d ago

I still haven't gave up on that. Microsoft didn't announce a price drop at E3 either, and then dropped the price the following month. I still think Sony will do something for Christmas they have to.

I was disappointing there, I wish they would of shocked us with all this stuff comming tomorrow already.

But other than that, where are the games? All the stuff they showed we already knew about. There's some games in development that I want to know more about.

lonestarmt3681d ago

oic so you think there is more news coming tomorrow on friday?? I hope so. Whats supposed to happen the?? is it sqaure's press conference or something?? I don't think its over for sony. I still have hope and faith they can have a great TGS this year, i was just thinking they needed more that what they have said so far

Real gamer 4 life3681d ago

omg i cant take it no more!! please square just announce the remake of ff7 so that i can go back to living a normal life. the speculation and suspense is killing me already. everybody just keeps giving hints, but nobody confirms it. i am stressing out already. now they saying that another game stole the spotlight from ff XIII. What game can possibly steal the spotlight from ff XIII, it has to be ff7 that the only game that i can think of, that could steal the spotlight from ffXIII.

aDDicteD3681d ago

wow! that is really an exciting news,hope it's the FF7 remake! that is the only thing that comes out in my mind...

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