Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3: Mass Effect 2

From the feature editorial:

"Last year, Xbox 360 owners everywhere were astounded by Bioware’s rich space adventure Mass Effect 2. It went leaps and bounds over the original, introducing both familiar and new characters, missions, worlds and much more, all while Shepard worked with the mysterious Illusive Man to save the world. It’s ended up on several Game of the Year lists, which is no surprise. Still, most Xbox 360 owners felt betrayal in the middle of last year when Bioware and Electronic Arts announced that they were bringing Mass Effect 2 to the PlayStation 3."

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LaurenKB1232852d ago

After playing it on the 360 I see no reason to replay on PS3 but interesting comparison...

pangitkqb2852d ago

Playing ME2 on any platform, be it PS3, 360, or PC is a good idea.

Gamers on all three win playing ME2. It's just a damn fine game.

ovhaum2852d ago


Exactly, im on 30+ hrs into the game and i know im gonna play it again.

And... thanks Shepard for teaching me how to be a better man. 80%+ Renegade, Thanks Commander.

UltimaEnder2852d ago

Having the DLC on-disc may be the swing for me towards Playstation 3, graphics look identical though

Warprincess1162852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

The ps3 version slightly looks better than the 360. The ps3 visuals are way better.

IRetrouk2852d ago

to be honest the ps3 version does look smother, compleated both on 360 and got this for the ps3, so far feels the same, plays the same and looks almost the same, if you have already bought it on 360 and all downloads then you are not missing anything, on the other hand for everyone else buy it, fantastic game series.

Kon2852d ago

I rather hear this by a neutral user

Aarix2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

IMO it's not worth paying $40 more. But if you only have a ps3 then it's still fun game to enjoy.

Soldierone2852d ago

The PS3 Version does edge out the 360 one but not noticably.

To all those that want to disagree or state otherwise, the PS3 version is running off the Mass Effect 3 engine. Wouldnt you want Mass Effect 3 to look better and play better than Mass Effect 2? So of course the PS3 version has an edge. If it doesnt then ME3 is gonna have some comparison issues....

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ddurand12852d ago

I havent played the 360 version, but I am thoroughly enjoying the PS3 version.

Im sure its a great experience on both consoles. all of these comparisons are starting to get redundant.

Kon2852d ago

Mass Effect on PS3 = more people playing the game = More people discussing the game = win

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