More Details on the CPU and GPU on Sony's PSP2

A few more details of what we can expect from the ARM Cortex-A9 and the SGX543MP4+ processors.

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IronFist2878d ago

I'm actually kinda surprised with the PSP1 specs. I mean, gfx are quite good but it was like a quarter of the power of the original xbox. guess the screen size makes a huge difference on the processor.

dude_meister2878d ago

totally agree there. I still don't get how expensive this console will be. I mean, two quad core chips in one device?? Must be more than $300!

mrv3212878d ago

It's actually one chip, the Tegra 3D A9 is a single chip but a quad core going upto 1.5GHz. With Ultra low power requirements to keep battery life very long

The GPU is also a mass production unit keeping costs down.

Android is pretty much free, few OS costs

I predict $300 tops.

zez2878d ago

The psp2 isn't running on the android OS is it? Thought that was just them announcing their Play style thing for the android platform?

ChrisGTR12878d ago

yea android isnt on the psp , android and ps1 emulation was a whole diffrent thing.

ngecenk2878d ago

yeah i predict its gonna be $300 tops. its a magnificent machine but if it cost a lot more than 3ds or iPhone, it will lose the casual gamer market, which is very important in mobile device.

i hope sony understand this.

LoVeRSaMa2878d ago

Apparently its quad cored.

'The ARM Cortex-A9 processor delivers exceptional capabilities for less power than consumed by high performance compute platforms, including
Unrivalled performance with 2GHz typical operation with the TSMC 40G hard macro implementation'

AAACE52878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

@mrv321... Not trying to dampen your spirits, but keep in mind that cellphones with 1 Ghz processors cost $600-$700. We only see a discount to about $100-$200 because the carriers are just trying to get them in our hands and make their money back with the monthly subscription we pay.

$300 is a possible price, but keep in mind that Sony did release the Psp Go for a hiked up price of $250. And it was basically a redesigned Psp. Plus seeing how bold Nintendo was to announce the $250 price for the 3DS, i'd say keep an open mind with this one!

Also for those who don't know. The psp has always been a between idea for Sony. Meaning the power of the first Psp was in between the Ps1 and Ps2. The power of the Psp 2 will be between the Ps2 and Ps3. The benefit is that they don't need as much power to produce good looking images on a small screen!

gaffyh2877d ago

I think it'll be $299, can't be any more than that for a handheld surely? Although, this is Sony we're talking about.

So glad they aren't using discs this time round.

WhittO2877d ago

They will have to price aggressively, it's like with PS3, casuals don't understand why it is more expensive, it's really annoying.
I remember telling people over and OVER again about why PS3 was so expensive a few years ago, with bluray etc.

inveni02877d ago

I'd be surprised if this thing costs less than $349. I just can't imagine all this tech costing less than that. This is top of the line technology, folks.

AndrewRyan2877d ago

Quad core chips are not too expensive on PC, but to fit it into a portable device is very expensive.

I predict between $499-699 easily. Just you watch.

TheIneffableBob2877d ago

I'll say $350 tops. They're going to be super mass manufacturing these things which will help costs a little.

Any more and Sony will risk doing another PS3. The PS3 worked out in the end, but the way it started was very risky.

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8thnightvolley2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

and ppl were saying it was as strong as the xbox 360 or ps3 but regardless a powerful handheld device, sony needs to make sure this cant be stupidly hacked ... and support it solidly so with sweet titles and i would welcome a nice solid MMO ...

digitalivan2878d ago

It's a lot more similar than you think.
"Remember, this processor doesn't need to render to a big TV screen."
It doesn't have the GPU/CPU of Xbox360 and PS3, but it will render similar quality images because of it's smaller screen.

8thnightvolley2877d ago

your right.. seeing uncharted 1 run is a good sign for a first title good things to come.

mrv3212878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I think it'll run at 1.4GHz the CPU. The GPU will be switched off until a game is started to conserve battery, also the CPU may be scaled down considerably during this time 800MHz single core can run music and play video fine. 512MB of ram, could run SC2 with textures on high or medium

The GPU will be interesting, maybe 400MHz.

Starcraft 2=SC2.

512MB of D.vram is more than the PS3 or equal to it. That's impressive.

lalalala2878d ago

What's SC2? Splinter Cell? true, RAM will make a huge difference, that's probably the highest amount of RAM we've seen in a mobile device ever. I can't think of any other.

PirateThom2878d ago

512MB is about standard at the moment, actually. The Desire HD has 768mb, for example.

zez2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

@ Piratethom
Thing is we don't really know how much ram it will have - hasn't been officially confirmed yet. Plus the Desire HD is nowhere near as powerful as the PSP2 though. Quad core GPU and quad core CPU.
@Saint J.P
Nope. Not confirmed yet.

drewboy7042877d ago

Many of the mobile phones announced at CES that are due in Q2 have 1GB RAM

saint_john_paul_ii2878d ago

so wait, its confirmed that it does have 512mb ram?

AndrewRyan2877d ago

800MHz could run SC2 with medium or high textures but the GPU would bottle neck the device and leave it running at low/medium unfortunately.

Evolve2878d ago

512mb to run KZ and UNCH ? I know they reduce the framrate, But dose it effect ? on the quality of the game, we only know that MGS:PW looks good.

zez2878d ago

*MGS4 not peace walker.

Evolve2878d ago

Yeah, sorry. it was MGS4. Thanks for the correction .

Vecta2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

The PS3 doesn't have more then 512mb of ram (combined) so if the "NGP" also has 512mb I think it will be fine on the memory side of things. That's if it does have 512mb, I'm not sure that has been confirmed yet.

AndrewRyan2877d ago

I agree. However 3DS sales will be higher due to a cheaper price :S

Moac2878d ago


Now they need to announce Trophy Support!

RaSSS2878d ago

LOL...they just did...

The NGP will have trophy support.


Evolve2878d ago


Using the Same PS3 Profile Right ?

phinch2878d ago

Will it just add to your psn network and ps3 trophy count or separate?

Hellas132877d ago

why would it be seperate? I think sony wants to unify their hardware under psn. Not only ps3 ngp but tvs and other stuff

sorry for the english

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