Military make use of the 360 wireless controller

A television advert aired on British television shows army personnel using a 360 controller to control various unmanned vehicles. As it turns out it is used quite widely, controlling both ground and aerial units. Further research has unveiled several screenshots within which the controllers lie alongside the vehicles they control. Screenshots attached.

If you wish to view the advert, go to and select the third film strip in the flash site to view the video.

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FordGTGuy3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

was built to conform to a humans hand and all the buttons that are on it make it easy to use for this application.

Heres another article with some more pictures:

Vip3r3865d ago

Lol it's GRAW2 in real life.

Nth RooCH3865d ago

I only just saw the advert on television, so where the story itself may be old, the advertisement certainly isn't. That in itself may at least warrant the thread.

Nth RooCH3865d ago

What are you talking about? How on earth can this be a viral campaign, it's a fact. Look at the website, watch the third filmstrip. Watch it in action.