Pink PS2 arriving in November

Good news for lovers of the RAZR pink, Intempo's pink sat-nav and the cute pink DS Lite: Sony's bringing out a bubblegum pink version of the PS2.

Click the link below for specs, pics and a review of the new pink PS2....

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TheMART3964d ago

hahaha people have said it all along, PS is the


They should put the PSZero in pink from start on, that would suit Barbie Ken better also!

Gamer133964d ago

First it was a big ps2 then the colour change to silver then they make a smaller ps2 in black then they make the small ps2 in different colours.

And thats how sony hit the 100m mark which is good for the company.

jiggajayp3964d ago

Well, I guess this isn`t a shock since ps2/3 is for B1tches!!! lol lmfao!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.