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Top 10 Video Game Prequels

94d ago - WM: "Sometimes, the next step forward is to go backwards. For this list, we take a look at any g... | Culture

Five game prequels that did the original game justice

98d ago - With Resident Evil Zero HD being announced it’s a reminder that prequels do have a place in video... | PS2

Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Capcom Organises Style Tournament for DMC Fans

144d ago - Style Tournaments are normally organised by fans where competitors make videos of their style pla... | Xbox 360

Devil May Cry: 3142 Graphic Arts gets release date and more info

170d ago - The release date and other details have been listed for Devil May Cry: 3142 Graphic Arts. | Culture

Devil May Cry Sound Box Digital Music Collection Announced

260d ago - Devil May Cry Sound Box compiles tracks from Devil May Cry 1 – 4, notably omitting last year’s ed... | PS2

10 Infuriating Video Game Bosses That Made You Lower The Difficulty

359d ago - WC: Against these 10 bosses, it’s pop-quiz time but you don’t even have a pencil. Maybe those ult... | PC

8 Bosses To Fight Before You Die

429d ago - It’s like the developers throw down the gauntlet to you and say “come and have a go if you think... | Culture

Top 5 Katana Wielders in Gaming

467d ago - Lisa breaks down the best video game characters to ever brandish a katana. | PC

7 Anger Inducing Levels in New School Games – Warning: Could Cause Rage Quits

523d ago - We’re never proud of them but we’ve all had one… controller throwing rage quits. When the going g... | PC

Top 10 Most Metal Games

570d ago - Listen...with your eyes! These are the games that shredded our ears, melted our faces and behaved... | PC

Retrostation: Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening – remembering our favorite demon hunter Dante

575d ago - OPM: Sibling squabbles can be thoroughly problematic at the best of times. Arguments over who get... | Retro

Looking Back At The PlayStation 2: Ten Unforgettable Classics

698d ago - GameNTrain author Luke Siuty writes: The best-selling console of all time, Sony PlayStation 2, ha... | PS2

Fill Your Dark Soul With These Heavy Tunes

720d ago - BT writes: If you asked me to name the best action series in video game history there is a good c... | PS2

The 11 Most Unwieldy Video Game Weapons

753d ago - ArcadeSushi: Not all video game weapons are created equal, folks. Especially these 11 Most Unwiel... | PS2

Then and Now: The Devil May Cry Series

772d ago - DualShockers peruses the long history of the storied Devil May Cry series: "While his career defi... | Culture

Difficulty: Who Does it Right?

784d ago - Devil May Cry 3, LA-MULANA, and Ys: The Oath in Felghana are on focus in our newest article about... | PS2

Prequels, Are They Worth A Story To Be Told?

820d ago - Super PolyPixel - Prequels. Instead of a continuation of a video game such as Batman: Arkham City... | PC

This Is Your Extra Life: Dante From Devil May Cry

930d ago - Good Game's Goose takes a quick look at the history of Devil May Cry's Dante. | PS2

Top 5 Hack/Slash Games

932d ago - Clickonline writes "With DMC force-feeding me my own words, God of War: Ascension pouring libatio... | PS2

DmC: Devil May Cry Noisia Soundtrack-It Was Never About The Hair.

932d ago - 8bitfix writes:People burn witches. The evidence is out there, and those fires most likely are ho... | Xbox 360


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

Devil May Cry: The Evolution Of Dante 2001-2013

937d ago - A massive chronological retrospective of the entire DmC: Devil May Cry series from over a decade,... | PS2

Game Session: Devil May Cry 3

937d ago - How does the new DmC reboot measure up against the classic Devil May Cry games? After just beatin... | PS2

Devil May Cry: To Hell And Back – Part 2

938d ago - Aaron continues his retrospective of the Devil May Cry series. This week he tackles Devil May Cry... | Xbox 360

Top Five Reasons Why DmC is Better Than Devil May Cry

944d ago - The VGU staff lists why they believe the Devil May Cry reboot is better than previous titles. | Xbox 360

A Personal History of Devil May Cry | Geekenstein Feature

961d ago - "It was just another day after school. I wasn’t much of a scholastic child back in the day, so wh... | PS2
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