GT Countdown: Top Five Reasons We Can't Wait to Play Halo 3

Halo3 pre-orders are burning a deep hole in our pockets

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Jdash243689d ago

damn i was about to make this article, you beat me to it

HeartlesskizZ3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

sorry, I was not going to make it but is been long since I make one =)

Btw: I cant agreed more with GT, those are also my top 5 reasons i cant wait to play halo3

Jdash243689d ago

same here, i havent made a news article in awhile, thought this was a great one though, because i 100% AGREE with it

toughNAME3689d ago

my list of the top 5 would be similar

...other than speechless

i think im gunna go troll on some Sony article

Marriot VP3689d ago

okay?? kinda forgot one

6. 4 person online/system link coop!!!

Frances-the-Mute3689d ago

im doing is passing the game, then jumping to multiplayer

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The story is too old to be commented.