Best Selling Year Yet to Come for Playstation 3

Top Tech Reviews: Playstation 3 has been faring well for a long time, and by that, I mean that the product has been following Sony’s plans regarding its sales. According to the head of the Sony’s games business, the console has been selling good and they’ve predicted a 15 million unit sales line for the fiscal year April 2010 – March 2011.

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The Matrix2861d ago

I don't doubt it. Microsoft just can't compete in 2011.

The Meerkat2861d ago

The same was said about 2008,2009,2010.

And I imagine the same will be said about 2012 and 2013.

Sony had lost 50% of its market share this gen. Just stop with the delusions and admit that Sony has lost, then the healing process can start.

seij5552861d ago

Sony has been almost on track with ps2 sales and they are still ahead in hardware/software quality.

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PlayerX2861d ago

"PS3 started delivering the industry's best games since end of 2008."

swishman2861d ago

sony is gonna dominate! merry christmas!!

Rush2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

It's a dumb argument continued by the same halfwits year after year.

Fact the 360 turned profitable a long long time ago, it's been a running success for Microsoft. Sure it's had it's issues RROD anyone but that doesn't mean you can try argue that it hasn't been successful.

Look the PS3 is not the PS2, regardless of how well the system is built or the quality of the games which are excellent Sony doesn't control the console market anymore.

People need to get over that, Sony this gen why still successful could of done better, Wii has already dominated the console market Sony and Microsoft are still playing catch up.

I love how all the PS3 fanboys attack the 360, when the real enemy is the Wii. Problem is they can't say anything about the Wii because honestly there's no way to spin them numbers.

Yeah this year the PS3 will most likely overtake the 360, does that make the 360 any less successful for Microsoft who where a tiny player last gen? NO!

Koolno2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

The same was said, and sony had the best line up, like 2011..

and the console sell better than 360 since the launch, the gap is always shrinking, so stop your delusional fanboy lies the meerkat (think about it : selling better, with higher price, with less $ marketing and rrod = better profits)

The only people loosing something, is the non ps3 gamers.

"I love how all the PS3 fanboys attack the 360, when the real enemy is the Wii"

Ridiculous, iphone also ?

xbox is an inferior product, but most of his game are the same than ps3, unlike wii.

cliffbo2860d ago

Meerkat, your point is pointless. the target for 2008 was 10 million (Sony hit it), their target for 2009 was 12 million (they hit it), and their target for this year is 15 million (they are on target). it's no good Sony taking 2 thirds of the year and then MS bragging about taking a little slice in the last third. that's how you lose the race. and now that budget is going to be stretched to breaking point next year with Kinect becoming their last chance. convince yourself you are a casual gamer if that makes you truely happy, but deep down you know that you are not

Persistantthug2860d ago

I guess everyone can live with that.

HolyOrangeCows2860d ago

"The same was said about 2008,2009,2010"

The PS3 was selling at a faster rate than the competition from mid-2009 to mid-2010 and portions of 2008. You can look at the total sales (and ignore the suddenly depleted 5 million gap) and convince yourself that the Ps3 isn't selling and that the year to year and a half difference didn't happen, but the Ps3 is selling fine. At a mere 3 something million gap, the Ps3 could close in as it delivers the games.

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redwolf2861d ago

well 2011 sonys biggest push in gaming

NateCole2861d ago

2011 is the year the PS3 is going to go overdrive.

I expect the $199 PS3 before U3 just like the $299 PS3 before U2. I can easily see PS3 reach 20-22 million next year.

Pillage052861d ago

$199 ps3 would be ridiculous, although I am betting at this point it will only be a $50 price drop if there is one in 2011.

Kon_Artist 2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

$199 ps3?

heck id go buy another one for the heck of it

Optical_Matrix2861d ago

Hmmm. We'll see. Sony's line up is unmatchable. Unless Microsoft announce 10-15 new exclusive games within the next year...that all come out within the next year...then no one can argue otherwise.
Now all Sony needs is that $199.99 mass market price point (here in the UK it's already hitting £199.99 for a 160GB PS3), then they have the potential to send PS3 sales into overload. Seeing as they have the software to support it.

I remember a recent interview with a SCEE exec and I'm pretty sure he admitted that most of PS2's mega sales came from time that they finally cut the price to a point it was accessible to the mass market.

Heavy_Rain2861d ago

I really dont think they need to drop the price if they are selling 15 million at that price. I am sure they are getting very good profits out of the system now. Maybe at the later half of 2011 we may be seeing a price drop but as of now I think they should continue with this price

JD_Shadow2860d ago

They don't HAVE to drop the price, but it would really send a message to their competition if they DO!

Thus, though it's not necessary, it might be in their best interest to do so.

maniac762861d ago

please lower the price aswell

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