Yahoo! Games to premiere Halo 3 Videos

Yahoo! Games will exclusively unveil two new Halo 3 videos this week.

The first, entitled "Museum," depicts a former UNSC Marine reminiscing about a great battle he fought alongside Master Chief -- a battle players will get to experience first-hand in the upcoming action shooter.

The second video, entitled "Believe," will be the full-length version of an upcoming TV commercial that's part of the game's launch campaign. The additional footage will only be available to view on Yahoo! Games.

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Jdash243911d ago

theres going to be like 5000000 news storys of halo 3 til the release, and each one is pure torture taunting me that we still have to wait 15 DAYS!!!

Jdash243911d ago

lets just hope a store pulls a "toys r us" and sells the game early

toughNAME3911d ago

finallyyyyy some new videos

hopefully they get those commercials rolling out soon...they sure can afford it

rusgreim3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

But some of this press and advertising makes me more and more certain that Our Hero, John 117, will not be making it through this game alive.

eLiNeS3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

Wed 9/12, 9AM P.T.: "Museum" Video
Fri 9/14, 9AM P.T.: "Believe" Video

I can't wait to see these new videos

Wile3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

worked on the shoot for Museum and Believe. Their live action 30 sec commercials. He described them like this:



Two people are in a museum in the post 'covenant war' future. One is holding a rifle. They talk about how this was the actual gun the Master Chief used to save the human race. There is some dialog between them, one of the lines was "Wow it's heavy (refering to the rifle)"and the spot ends with the word "Believe."


Not sure if this was the same one as he described to me but the second location they shot on was a forest. Many of the trees have age old plasma burns on them and other old battle damage. The two people look at the trees and other evidence of an epic battle. One say to the other, "So this is where the battle took place?" The other confirm it. They continue the reverent talk about the battle as we would talk with respect about those who fought in WWII. The spot ends with "Believe"

Anyway he text me while he was on the library studio shoot and said that they were building a set for the new indiana jones movie in the studio next door and that it was a huge tower with collapsable stairs for an epic escape reminiscent of the first twenty minutes of raiders of the lost ark.

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