Air Guitar Prototype with Kinect

Chris O'Shea recently showed his development pizazz by utilizing the Kinect camera and system to make an Air Guitar Prototype. Rock On!

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kdogdaddy2924d ago

Awesome! Loving the development!

Losi2924d ago

Haha that's awesome! 10x better than messing around with RockBand or GuitarHero!

D4RkNIKON2924d ago

RB and GH have what's called, split second precision. It is what makes the game playable and difficult.

Losi2924d ago


I was saying that the gameplay would be rather innovative and more fun this way. *facepalm*

ThanatosDMC2924d ago

HAHAHA! This is like Air Sex. Seriously, look it up.

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Bigpappy2924d ago

I am loving it. Only out a month. Primesense just released an update to improve Kinect's tracking. They did it to help the hackers get better and quicker results.

r1sh122924d ago

These hacks and custom builds will eventually capture someones eye to spend cash to create a game.
As potentially bad as everyone says kinect is, these hacks are clearly going to help kinect do some more damage to the Wii. (some time in the near future)

NMC20072924d ago

What's innovative about Air Guitar? If anything, all that will do is make the games near unplayable, you NEED!!! a physical object in your hand for some things and I think playing guitar is one of those things.

That's only my opinion though, I couldn't play something like guitar hero without the physical object in my hand.

AutoCad2924d ago

haha it will only get better...
are these dudes just like random people and not Kinect Developers.?

Christopher2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Not random, but not Kinect developers, per se either. MIT students (who focus on video game development mostly) and guys who do this sort of thing for a living ( ).

Extremely interesting to see what people are doing with this. I'm not going to put my usual response here since it will just be drowned out by fans, but I will say let's wait to see what this results in the long run.

darthv722924d ago

showing restraint is good when it comes to things like this. We both know the routine and others wont get it. I do like to take the optimistic approach in thinking that things like this will get better. Long run or short jog....they will.

rell2k52924d ago

Wow I was just saying that last week sitting at gamestop while playing guitar hero and arguing about fighting games, same time I brought gt5 I can prove it, they stole my idea

hoops2924d ago

These "hacks" are amazing.
One can only image what talented Developers with the full access to the dev kits for Kinect can do...
Enough with the wii like titles....lets get some imagination going and take a cue from some of these people who have been doing some amazing "hacks"

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