Behind-the-scenes of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

IGN: "This blog provides a glimpse into the blood, sweat and toil that goes on behind-the-scenes of "Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom." You will be hearing from several team members of Blueside Inc., who will be sharing their experiences working on the game. We would like to invite all readers to post any questions they may have concerning the game or our work on the game".

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sticky doja4127d ago

Hope it doesn't dissapoint.

power of Green 4127d ago

Some say the 360 has nothing for 2008 this just one of over a dozen I'm looking forward to.

Bloodmask4127d ago

really good. I am definately looking forward to it.

power of Green 4127d ago

This has came a long ways Here are some old screens.

The Elf chick looks badass. This is published by MSFT so this should be a very high quality game.

power of Green 4127d ago

Wow the 2nd pic down the lighting and smoke is unreal! from what looks like some type of magic power. I'v been watching this game forever and its shaping up to be AAA its strange its so under the radar ofcourse its not hyped.