Sony: Gran Turismo 5 release date reveal “very soon”

A source has revealed that the release date for Gran Turismo 5 will be revealed in a matter of days. It is troubling that Sony is waiting so close to the holiday season to reveal a launch date.

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PS3ROCKS2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Game of the year, Game of the year. Year.........

jeseth2812d ago

Throw out a crazy PS3 deal and GT5 on the same day!

Please GT5, hurry up!

StanLee2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

I'm getting kind of worried though. It's November 6th, a date has to come next week for their to be sufficient marketing push for the holidays. I really think Sony and fans alike may be overestimating GT5 impact in this the Call of Duty generation. The Call of Duty franchise has really drawn the casual player this generation. Where as last generation casual gamers played racing games and platformers, Call of Duty has really become an accessible core game which really has been the reason for its success. We're already seeing huge marketing pushes for NFS: Hot Pursuit and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I think there is some consumer confusion out there as to when GT5 is coming out; If it's coming out. Sony needs to announce a date next week on the heels of Call of Duty Black Ops and have a marketing pushing going into the Thanks Giving and Christmas holidays.

nix2812d ago

i'm presuming there's this 'sleeping' crowd who loves GT5, just like there's soccer fans who buy it in millions. we hardly talk about them, they hardly make the headlines but they buy in hordes.. every year. nearly as much as COD (if you put together FIFA n PES). but i may be wrong about the numbers.

iPad2812d ago

OMG! Just imagine if they released it on Black Friday with a bundle?
$199 PS3 w/ Gran Turismo 5


Aquanox2812d ago

What's with Sony's GT5 secrecy? It's holidays time already and they haven't even worked on Marketing for the launch of the game. Whatever they have on hands, it's NOT going to turn out good.

This is worrying to say the least.

ExplosionSauce2811d ago

Really??? OMG I'm so worried! -_-

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gtamike2812d ago

going to sell very well

Masamori Sumimura2812d ago

the game is coming out in november-december.

I'm watching the Montreal Toys-R-us christmas book and I see GT5 and It's priced at 59.99$. Doesnt seem like an Error to me.

LiL T2812d ago

I thought I was trippin last night when I seen GT5 in the Toronto walmart flyer. Hope its true, my G27 is lonely.

trancefreak2812d ago

i got 2 posters from gamestop the sony dude was their and he said it ill be mid to late dec according to him.

xcroptic2811d ago

You know right that the Christmas 'books' are always made and printed by October - November?

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Chaostar2812d ago

*strokes the leather on his G27*

Soon baby, soon.

Chaostar2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

You wouldn't understand our relationship... prude.

nix2812d ago

i understand Chaos...

NecrumSlavery2812d ago

me too chaos. I'd armor-all if I were you..hehe

Flashwave_UK2812d ago

nov 30th who wants to bet ....

St02812d ago

3rd of Dec for the UK is what I'm thinking

cygnuszero22812d ago

You mean like the 11/30 thats coming up in like 3 weeks? Lol yeah good luck with that one.

TruthBTold2812d ago

Stop playing around and tell us. you're a bad pusher, just give us our GT5 fixing already.

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