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I enjoy gaming on pretty much every platform aside from phones & tablets - touch controls aren't my thing. I've also had my share of hardware troubles with current and past gen consoles, so my loyalty to any company is subsequently limited: Interestingly, I've had more Playstation units fail on me than Xboxes, despite the 360s well deserved reputation for failure. Never had a PS2 problem but had a trio of PS3s die on me and now my PS4. In comparison, had a pair of 360s go belly up with RRoD, and no problems with my X1 so far. Complex hardware is bound to have some failing units in each batch and over time, but in my experience both MS and Sony have had their issues on this front - I've been alternately royally pissed at both. The only units that never failed me were from Nintendo, and my Wii U is still holding strong! Cheers!

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