Microsoft proves Kinect doubters wrong

Jack Turner at Which? Convo: Microsoft’s foray into motion-controlled gaming has not only come with a huge marketing spend, it’s had its fair share of doubters. Kinect may not fit hardcore gamers, but it’s certainly cornered Nintendo’s casual crowd.

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ubiquitious2691d ago

It's selling well and it is getting amazing reviews


Cevapi882691d ago

id like to see these "amazing" reviews as you put them...seems that a lot of bias is coming from your statement

GeoramA2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

You're delusional.

Seek help immediately.

Odin7772691d ago

Maybe it "pwned" the people who doubted it on a financial standpoint. But for people like me who doubted it as a gaming device I don't think I've been pwned by any stretch of the imagination.

Jaces2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I was proved wrong on how well it would work in homes, I believed it wouldn't work and from most reviews I've read it seems to do just fine. The only problem is the amount of space you need which I don't have so I'll be waiting awhile before I pick one up.

But only if they come out with some games for the hardcore audience, otherwise this will be just another wii to me.

EDIT: lol, Kinect fanboys run rampant I see. Sorry if my opinion offends you...wait, nevermind I enjoy the disagrees. Shows you how simple minded fanboys are. :)

nycredude2691d ago


Care to explain? I don't see how MS proved anything that we didn't know. Not one person said it wouldn't sell. With an ad budget of $500,000,000, you can market pubic hair and it would sell.

Fact is it won't appeal core gamers and is geared towards casual, which is what the doubters said, so they are proving us right.

4Sh0w2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

The software definitely proved it works for me, I was actually really impressed. I'm going to let anybody at work who's skeptical come over and try it for themselves, I garuantee 9 out 10 will like it.

@Jaces, its only 6ft, 8ft for two and honestly its not alot, it only makes sense really. In my experience with kinect the workable playing area extends from about 1.5 ft close to the sensor all the way back to 6ft, I mean any less and how would you be able to physically perform the manuevers for gameplay with less space than that?

Jaces2691d ago

No seriously, my living room is tiny. Like the couch is up against the wall and it's about 6ft from the edge of the couch to my t.v.

I'd literally have to be rubbing up against the couch or have to move it completely just to play, not worth the effort really. Either way I still plan on waiting to buy Kinect until some games are shown that will draw my interest.

BulletToothtony2691d ago

problem with those reviews is that they were sent FOR FREE to these website.. they're just considering the "fun" part.. not the price that you have to pay..

if they would've had gone and pay for it themselves i don't think they would be willing to overlook the flaws that fast.. i now that after i realize the lag and short time amount of fun it provides i would return it..

do you think that these reviewers are playing kinect as we speak.. they played it wrote the review after having an hour of fun and bam.. back to the box.. that is why this camera should be a 4 out of 10 not 9 out of 10

Active Reload2690d ago

What retard actually thought it wouldn't sell better than...

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ubiquitious2691d ago

Globe and Mail
USA Today
Strategy Informer

All glowing reviews. The media have spoken. KINECT is a success. Now the only thing is whether or not the consumers will buy into it.

trane072691d ago

Do you see where the problem lies?? Out of all those sites you listed. the MAJORITY are non-gaming websites. Those are news outlets.

Whereas the "less than glowing" and average reviews are coming from the websites and magazines who acutally review games for a living.

Every perfect 10/10 review so far has come from a non-gaming website. What does that tell you?

10thnightvolley2691d ago

and for that fact is why it will sell casuals DONT go on gaming site those sites have a much higher reach and hit compared the gaming sites.. and those will sell it. easily..

Anon19742691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Apparently your definition of "glowing" reviews and mine differ greatly.

The CBC said "Kinect doesn’t handle precise controls very well," and concluded that Move was a more satisfying experience.

Globe and Mail said "The lag I experienced makes me doubt whether Kinect can be satisfyingly implemented in what one might call a “traditional” games"

IGN gave Kinect a 7, giving them extra points for "potential" but noting that lag was ever present and it was a questionable value at $150.

GameInformer noted that some games "perform sloppily, making you feel like you have no control over the onscreen action."

CNet gave it a 7, saying that Kinect "requires a lot of room to play" and "gets old fast"

CVG started off their "glowing review" with "Kinect is not for you if..."

And on and on. I consider "glowing reviews" nines and tens - not sixes and sevens like Kinect has been seeing from a lot of the gaming press.

As for this article, "Microsoft proves Kinect doubters wrong", they did nothing of the sort. Lag is present. Dark skin isn't recognized. Space requirements are restrictive. Price is high for an accessory. Games are too casual. Kinect isn't accurate enough.

These are all the points that "doubters" were concerned about. The launch of Kinect has done nothing but prove these concerns were valid.

finbars752691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Glowing reviews??not sure what good reviews are to you but Maybe if MS spent more money on making kinnect work at 100% rather then 70% then maybe the reviews would be glowing but spending millions on adverts doesnt really help the fact that kinnect is a failure tech wise.Maybe in a couple of years they will get it right like nintendo did but for now its meant for casual gammers because they dont really know much about techs for videogames now a days thats why so many people buy things that ride hype trains.The more commercials that are shown the more people are sucked in by the media.I doint feel that Fanboys are in here to bash Kinnect there just in here to voice there opinion on technology that doesnt work when sony move does actually work 1:1 the way it says it does.The downside to move is there isnt much out for it to defend it.In time there will be but Move and Kinnect will need time to showcase what they are about in a year or so.But MS needs to think about the bigger pic and thats putting more money into the tech to get it to work at full capacity.But giving descent reviews for Kinnect just because its different doent justify how badly it actually works.I have played the kinnect at my freinds and it was a let down.Not reconizing my voice or my body language doesnt tell me that kinnect was ready for release yet.

plenty a tool2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

quick, why dont you go and write negative review on your shitty smgamers blog site lol

anyway, i am not even 1% impressed by kinetic! jesus, the money that has been wasted by microsoft is staggering. they could've bought 2 or 3 decent studios for that money.

it's shameless the way sony and microsoft have desperately jumped on the motion control band-wagon. i wasted my money on a wii. there is no way i will throw more away on move or kinetic.

and, nxt year, await a glow-in-the-dark dildo from microsoft like know it's coming

JokesOnYou2691d ago

Maybe I missed it darkride but I didn't see that statement in the CBC Kinect Review

-Globe and Mail also said this about kinect: "Microsoft’s Kinect sets new standard for motion control" Also given the fact that kinect functions heavily by way of software and these are launch games, its completely reasonable that future games will only improve upon the lag which doesn't seem to be a major problem even now...some are just bad games.

-Now just looking at the first couple examples its clear you only cherry pick the articles for negatives but overall although I wouldn't call them "glowing" reviews, they are positive and not just for "potential", they're positive because the games seemed to be fun for the reviewers.

edgeofblade2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Ok people... if you don't like casual games, stick around for games like Child of Eden and the new Steel Battalion. Your core needs will be met. Not right now... but they will be met. For the time being, a large install base is beneficial to everyone because it gives the core game developers a market to go after with experimental core titles.


@trane07: What does that tell me? You're an obstructionist, exclusionist asshole, like most of "gamers", who wants to build a wall around your hobby and protect it from ever changing or maturing. You're like those people who hate bands that get popular. You're only special when you're the only one who gets it... a big fish in a small pond. You probably threw a fit when your mother gave birth to your younger sibling.

DemiT2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Not sure what the problem is for that Darkride66.

He seems to be ignoring the fact that Kinect is getting a higher average user score than Move.

And I am not sure why Darkride66 is saying stuff like
"Dark skin isn't recognized."

That ^^^ is just dead wrong.
I guess it's time to call Darkride66's lies.
Turns out, the color of your skin makes no difference.

Not sure what his issue is.
He seems to be fond of cherry-picking data to suit his purpose and lying when it suits him.

Can we really believe what this Darkride66 says?
He's been caught lying so often, it's beyond a joke!

Apparently, the guy is nearly 40 years old.
I certainly applaud his passion for gaming, but I think it's about time he stopped being a childish fanboy.

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tinybigman2691d ago

it's proven nothing to me because it still has nothing of interest to me. i don't like shovelware never have, never will period.

STiRacer2691d ago

Motion gaming(Kinect, Wii, PS Move) = Shovelware

lowcarb2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

they have not i.e me"

The fact that Kinect is on your mind night and day is victory enough for MS. If this were Sony showcasing this extremely nice hardware you guys would be losing it.

edit: "Blatant MS fanboy is obvious. Of course anyone that even goes online or plays any types of games in general regardless of system would hear about Kinect."

Know about it and following news on it are kind of different. I've heard of many things PS3 yet I don't follow any news on it (thank goodness) because it doesn't appeal to me. The fact that some of you claim to know more about Kinect than a purchaser is a win for MS and you know it.

Mystickay862691d ago

Blatant MS fanboy is obvious. Of course anyone that even goes online or plays any types of games in general regardless of system would hear about Kinect.

thenickel2691d ago

You guys are taking this crap way to far. STFU already tired of hearing your fights!

WhitePolish2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Kinect sucks
Move sucks
your life sucks too

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KiLLUMiNATi_892691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

No matter what MS does, they still be hated. Like I don't understand humans theses days. We all know kinect ain't perfect but god damn let it breath and let's see what they will do with it in the future.

Reviews weren't that bad at all but weren't good and that's what I'd expected. The haters out there wanted to fail badly (idk y). In what I see I don't think That's happening.

Parapraxis2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

This may be helpful for some as it's the most comprehensive round-up of the different hardware scores:



So yeah, Move hardware (thus far) has scored better than Kinect.

(I await the disagrees of these!)

strickers2690d ago

Most importantly it's the proper tech and gaming sites that have the biggest gap in favour of Move.

Jaces2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Scored better sure, but it's what the people like not how metacritic scores a piece of hardware.

xAlmostPro2691d ago

me neither.. ive still seen no proof that it works in a flawless manner.

Most reviews ive read have all had different issues, on top of that the only sites ive seen give it good reviews are 360 based websites and websites known for biased and cheap reviews.

I've also not seen one interesting game yet, i mean you get the 1st type that contains things such as hitting balls etc. which has been cloned for the types of 'tennis' etc. then the dance games.. that are being cloned.. dance central..micheal jackson.. both the same game in different skins.. then star wars which is completely on rails.. then a clone of that which is the same but with harry potter characters lol..

The only thing that has impressed me from all the reviews i've read, are that the voice commands work great, and when using the kinect for video chat it actually follows you so your always in picture which is pretty badass.. basically it works pretty god damn well for everything but gaming..

im still not sold

colombiankilla012690d ago

whith $5,000,000,000 I can make a lot of people eat shit!!!

Sony3602690d ago

You aren't their target audience. Point irrelevant.

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All_4_One2691d ago

Massive hype met with average to decent reception hardly proves anything to me.

units2691d ago

kinect has been getting reception than sony move

Fishy Fingers2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Hardware wise, both have been pretty successful in reviews and whatnot, but both have pretty terrible software offerings currently. The only exceptions tend to be health/fitness/dance type games or the occasional mini-game bundle. As of now, the Wii is still the motion control to own, purely because of it's games.

Or PS3/360 and a pad.

Hades13372691d ago

Kinect average score on N4G - 7.8
Move average - 7.4

Gamefan122691d ago

as though we haven't seen bias reviews and scores not counted into the average

alphakennybody2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

@ hades
thats because half the reviews weren't scored, just like ff13 on 360 which is undoubtedly inferior to ps3 yet had a highscore on meta.

finnhima2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Kinect average score. high accoring to non gaming websites
newyorktimes, msnbc, newyorkdailynews, time, etc...

Kinect average score. MIXED to AVERAGE according to GAMING and tech websites. Ign, joystiq, attackofthefanboy, co-optimus, pcworld, endgadget,wolverton. Not a 9 or 10 in sight. 8's at the highest, but an 8 isn't a "breakaway revolution into the future of gaming" like MS touted.

The scores between the sites are wholly differential from each other. And some of those news outlets didn't even review the playstation move. What does that say to you?? That plays a HUGE difference. And by huge I mean 500 million dollar huge.

tinybigman2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

there are 65 reviews for kinect(majority of them without an actual score), how many are there for move on n4g and i bet each and everyone has a number behind the review whether good or bad?

Croash2691d ago

Maybe you didn't realize, but whenever there is a Move game review with the "PlayStation Move" tag, the review counts even for the Move page.

So basically, reviews for The Fight : Lights Out are influencing Move's score on N4G, and the same applies for Kinect which has its score influenced by games reviews like Fighters Uncaged's.

The scores shown for Move and Kinect on N4G aren't only those given to the hardware...

Hades13372691d ago

I didn't, thanks for the info.

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Sony3602690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

The reception was above average and its sales are rocketing.

I'd say that you and the haters were proven wrong. Your opinion doesn't factor into it if you want to talk about the success of the the product.

gigaware2691d ago

People that actually own Kinect don't get what some media and fanboys are talking about. I play it and all I can do is laugh at the media and fanboys that are doubting and giving negative opinions.

saint_john_paul_ii2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

30fps camera (lag), casual fitness games,lack of hardcore games.

thats why its getting negative opinions by core gamers. its wii all over again.

Hades13372691d ago

Yeah cause I bet you bought one...

maniacmayhem2691d ago

Funny thing is Wii was a success and it killed the competition with the hardcore systems 360 and PS3.

So when it comes to the $$$ core gamers lose out.

10thnightvolley2691d ago

soooo wii all over again ... ppl, fannies n4g huggies can hate and complain singing reviews from heaven to earth down the hell.. for all i care this is not a game this is a tech that is bigger than just some stupid waggie device.. and wii was the same... but guess what its pwned all other competition and this will pwn harder

Sony3602690d ago

It's Wii all over again?

Did I stumble into a Move comments section?

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Shazz2691d ago

you never got back to me about posting your setup ? i bet you dont even have kinect

Dante1122691d ago

Just the guy's impressions of Kinect and why it's the best for casuals.

xg-ei8ht2691d ago

Kinect has 500mill just for advertising.

If it isn't getting attention, then wtf.

But i know where the money went it's ok.

Jimmy fallon


moparful992691d ago

dont forget matt damon and that shameless boys and girls club tie in....

cereal_killa2691d ago

Wasn't it Mark Walberg?

Also dont forget to add Justin Bieber to that list