Photo Coverage: Kinect For Xbox 360 Launch In Times Square

Mark Wahlberg attends the Kinect For Xbox 360 Launch with Boys & Girls Club of America in Times Square on November 3, 2010 in New York City.

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hoops2759d ago

Hate Kinect or like it, MS knows how to market its goods.

gigaware2759d ago

I hate that saying "love it or hate it" in relation to kinect. There is no reason for people to hate Kinect. The tech not appealing to a person is fine but most people don't hate. The only people that hate are fanboys.

That saying suggests the majority of consumers have fanatical views on gaming.

SkyCrawler2758d ago

Most 360 only owners dislike kinect also. Not just fanboys.

Newtype2758d ago

Because it's a waste of time and effort, when they could be making new exclusive games.

Sez 2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

i'm a 360 owner and i don't hate kinect. just the idoit fanboys trying to bash something they have no intention of buying or don't own a 360.

tinybigman2758d ago

i own a 360 and i hate kinect, and now that a defeats the purpose controller addon is coming i hate it even more.

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dtrain212759d ago Show
Halo_Reach2758d ago

Was HUGE GUYS! Thousands of People in the LINE was insane!! Not even in Halo 3 / Mw2 and Reach launch were like this!


SmokeyMcBear2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

well to be honest, there are always thousands of people in times square. Awesome venue for advertising, but not likely people were there becasue of kinect. More likely thousands of people there because its times square and said hey, look at this cool thing with dancers over here.

shadyiswin2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Times square is never ever like that, only on new years and this was a wednesday, stop downplaying the excitement kinect is receiving. Everyone was well aware of the launch it was on the morning news, it was no coincidence it was packed as hell, also to get into time square was nuts, most purple turned around.

SmokeyMcBear2758d ago

dude, ive been to times square on 4 separate occasions, all in july or august, on a wednesday or thursday night. That place is always crawling with people, sidewalks filled, hard to walk everywhere. Im sure it was extra hyped, with the walled off areas and news of a performance going on, but its not as if times square doesnt have a lot of people.

divideby02758d ago

MS did a good job marketing to their target audience... just look at the pixs... and than recall Opra and Ellen.....

The real killer2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

How many units sells Kinect, any one.
I can remember when Microsoft said it wil outsold when they launch.

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