Creativity is a developer’s job, not mine

X360 Mag: Some people love character creation suites. They spend hours in them, tinkering, changing, creating. They are also wrong.

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xino2971d ago

Create a Character is there for people to create their own version of how a character should look like.

Some people just love dress up games and love creating loads of characters which I find annoying!

Soul Calibur 3 & 4 that allowed create a character, you just see people create the same character from SC3 in SC 4. What is the point seriously? They don't even fight in the game but create characters. yet again, they make the same game character from SC4 in MK8.


Baka-akaB2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Neogaf and plenty other forums had thousands of page with people displaying their creations for soul calibur 4 .

HSx92970d ago Show
Persistantthug2970d ago

Jews don't have creativity?

Wasn't Sammy Davis Jr. a Jew?

jack_burt0n2970d ago

SC4 sucked, soul calibur 2 is godly.

Redempteur2970d ago

godly?? .. i'll forgive the unbalance of SOUL 2 and play soul 3 , thanks

midgard2272970d ago

um i didnt even like sc series till part 3.....u know why? for some reason i cud play with any character once i customized them myself. i hate most of the regular designs and sc2 and previous entrys were too slow

Jio2970d ago

I love creating characters, it adds my own personality to the game which makes it richer

ABizzel12970d ago

I agree with you. To me, create a character, gives games longevity especially if you can unlock new items, or tweak their skills.

Create a character is for creative people.

Jrome2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

"If they have to design their own character, you blew it."
This guy needs to go work for Apple. No offense to those with macs.


I happen to enjoy adding my own touch to my characters.

RankFTW2970d ago

cba to read obviously whiney article.

Trroy2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

That's right. Since this one guy doesn't like creating characters, no one can like it, and it doesn't belong in any game this guy chooses to purchase.

He was forced to create a charcter -- he couldn't just push the "I'm done" button, I guess. Oh the agony of it all.

...has the world truly become this self-centric? This blind to the wants and needs of others, that this is valid journalism?

soundslike2970d ago

"...has the world truly become this self-centric?"
yes. yes it has.

I guess this guy never uses the presets huh. Maybe hes just ashamed of a secret love of dolls and playing dress up so anything that comes close triggers an inherit homophobia or manly defense mechanism. Who knows. Whiny bitch all the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.