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Call Of Duty Black Ops: Quickscoping has been Banned

Product-Reviews writes: You may remember that a gameplay video leaked last week showing off some sniper action in Call of Duty Black Ops, and seemingly showed the player ‘quickscoping’. However, Treyarch has now confirmed that players will not be able to quickscope in the final version of the game.

That footage was taken from the closed beta of the game, but during a Q&A session on Twitter, Treyarch’s community manger Josh Olin answered some direct questions about whether or not quickscoping will be included in the game.

When simply asked if quickscoping will be possible in Black Ops, Olin replied: ”No. Quickscoping is a cheap way to play. We’re specifically going to gimp Quickscoping, sorry. Play straight-up!” (Call of Duty: Black Ops, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Vegeta9000  +   1772d ago
In other words they're taking more skill out of the game
As expected of a recycled & milked franchise.
DoctorXpro  +   1772d ago
you dont like milk?
captain-obvious  +   1772d ago
how in hell they are taking more skill out of the game when most of Quick scoping is close range which means one shot one kill in any part of the body ???
evrfighter  +   1772d ago

quickscoping on a console is not skill.

quickscoping where there is no auto-aim (pc) is skill.
iPlayGamez  +   1772d ago
if you actually complain about quickscopers you must be really bad for them to kill you all the time. i didnt know that some people are so bad at MW2 that they get killed by snipers from 5 feet away while they got fully automatic weapons. seriously QS which actually requires some skill is taken out but noobtube stays, that just shows that the MW2 forum community must love spraying tubes and hate the guy that quik scopes thems in a game winning kill. and the quik scop on consoles doesnt get affected by the aim assist it doesnt work on snipers. BTW i hate snipers cause they camp but i dont blame them the point of sniping is to camp 4 a while.

Whats with the disagrees why hate Quik scopers not like a Quik scoper will get a chopper gunner from Quik scoping alone. Even the best Quik scopers go negative sometimes if they only qs an entire match.
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TheSleepyGamer  +   1772d ago
The aim assist on consoles is so incredibly minor that most people don't even notice it. If anything using a mouse to aim is much easier than using a controller.

Quickscoping is basically just removing the camping part from being a sniper. Reflexes as opposed to watching one spot for more or less an entire game...
getonmylev3l  +   1772d ago
Smoke some weed and chill out brah.
awesomeperson  +   1772d ago
The point is when you do get good at quickscoping it is very easy to get kills, especially with sleight of hand pro.

While quick scoping in COD 4 required a significant ammount more skill, when you can aim faster down the barrel, pop off a shot and when in somewhat close range manage to down some one in one shot in less than a second, it starts to become a problem.

"BTW i hate snipers cause they camp but i dont blame them the point of sniping is to camp 4 a while"

What? SO you hate snipers for doing what they are meant to do? The point of snipers is to sit back a little bit, take one or two well aimed shots while AIMING and then moving on to another spot with a couple of kills.

Sniping was NOT intended to run around trying to kill some one with a heavy weapon in one shot while within a few meters of their target.

Now adays MOST of the quick scopers seem to be the younger majority of the gaming population who when they get bored of their noob tubes think that quickscoping= the most skillfull thing in the game, as soon as they see you hardscope they proceed to abuse you via messages and call for a 1V1

I have no problem using quickscopes occassionally, especially when surprised but when you purposely set out with a loadout and mindset you want to run around 1 shotting everyone in close range and saying it requires skill I become to be annoyed.

I have also seen wayyyy too many games of SND lost due to people trying to quickscope and missing when if they took a well aimed shot they could have easily killed their target.
Hydrolex  +   1772d ago
Is this a good thing or a bad thing ?
Good = Agree
Bad = Disagree
iPlayGamez  +   1772d ago
u say if you get good at QS you can easily get a kill with it. i would love to see the guy who can QS better than i can shoot an assualt rifle. i QS only in private for fun and i hate the kids that yell "HARDSCOPE!!!" so not every1 qs. do you actually think that people running around only quickscoping will do good.

i know an Extremely good Quickscoper & i mean extremely good at QS but his k/d is negative because He ALWAYS QS he never shoot anything but an intervention QS on that account. and trust me he is very good.

Point is a Fully Automatic gun has a HUGE advantage over snipers from close range no matter how good they qs
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DORMIN  +   1772d ago
Whaaat no more quickscoping?!

Real snipers quickscope


Black OPs is sounding more and more appealing to me. If they get the MP balancing right, I just might be purchasing this.
outwar6010  +   1772d ago
so any1 who wants to use snipers are screwed WTF they should have taken out snippers all together because now theres no point :(
mattyHs  +   1772d ago

Go play Zerkaa on the ps3 and then come back here when you have had your arse handed to you.
hassi94  +   1772d ago
I REALLY hope you're kidding. If you're being serious that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, sniper rifles are made for long range shooting, not quickscoping to get a quick short range kill.
JohnnyBadfinger  +   1772d ago
As long as noob tubes are back in their full glory i dont care.

I am a noob tube god. and i am f***en proud of it. so is my K/D ratio.

SCAR-H Noob tubes primary, secondary Thumpers, Danger Close Pro, Scavenger, And Commando FOR THE WIN!
Gawdl3y  +   1772d ago
You do have to admit, quickscoping DOES take skill, UNLESS you slap on Sleight of Hand Pro and Stopping Power.
awesomeperson  +   1772d ago
Yeah Gawdly thats the problem with quickscoping, SOH Pro and Stopping Power Pro, without that QS takes a lot more kill.

IplayGamez I guess that is a good point, some times less than a second of aiming somewhat into a scope and killing with one shot will kill faster than aiming in with an assault rifle and firing 2-3 bullets. The only times I quickscope are in private matches where we play QS only (with no SOH Pro as a rule :D) or if I'm surprised at close range.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1772d ago
Well, this game just died for several hardcore gamers.
BloodyNapkin  +   1772d ago
Man it is so funny how many people whine over COD, either good or bad.

Maybe you have not been informed, shhh don't tell anyone. But umm....games are not real. But seriously, if you are being sarcastic about "Snipers quickscope in real life" or comparing a videogame to real life. Might wanna take a break from game's a bit son.

Much better players on the 360 though.....
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JeffGUNZ  +   1772d ago
@ HolyOrangeCows
Yeah, but it has also brought back a lot of hardcore veterans.
TengkuAmir10  +   1772d ago
I'm a big MW gamer and I have to say. After this news came out, I'm canceling my pre-order at Amazon. The whole point of me playing is to snipe some people off. Now, there's no Sleight of Hand = gimped snipers and and when the gimped snipers scope, which turns out to be "VERY FAST" for a n00b who doesn't like getting killed by a sniper, Treyarch decides to gimp it even more. I don't buy this piece of gimped crap.

So, when snipers camp, you complain, and when snipers don't camp and go running around loco (what i do) to quickscope people, you also complain. Nice one community. Press the disagree all you want, a fact's a fact and snipers getting gimped is one of em.

I can't believe this. This has TOTALLY changed my mind. I used to defend COD but now, I guess I'm gonna be one of you guys. I hate COD now and forever.


That's true. I won't buy anymore COD ever again unless they put back quickscope. Damn it! I felt Black Ops coming so close but now I don't want it anymore. I'm waiting for Infinity Ward to do the right thing. I game COD since COD1 and this is THE most disappointing news a hardcore fan can ever deal with.


Yeah. They should have just taken sniper out of the game, no point having it in the game anymore. No point for Youtubing some QS videos anymore. No point in staying up till 6 or 7 in the morning anymore. No point in playing anymore.


Yeah. I like to use that setup too. I just don't understand why n00bs in this sitehave to complain about it. "BOO, that's so unrealistic". "N00btubings r for g@ys and l0sers. Boo". You lost one Call of Duty fan in me Treyarch. Not that it matters too much but still, a fan's a fan.

P.S. Quickscoping takes skill cos if it didn't, you would have done it too disagreer. The only ones who say QS does not take skill are the ones who get killed by it and then shouts in the microphone saying "QS is for G@y, it's so unrealistic".
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Cryptech  +   1772d ago
All I have to say is QQ
DarkFantasy  +   1772d ago
TengkuAmir10  im a sniper in cod half the time and i never quick scope , i only quick scope in private matches and i find it stupid... and as a sniper i camp cause thats what they do but after i get 2-3 kills i find a new spot .. i dont care if they dont let snipers have soh i use wa2000 mostly with bling pro(or scavenger),coldblood pro and and ninja pro i have no problem getting kills.. your basically saying your not geting the game because you have to use a sniper rifle the way your suppose too LOL, theres nothing "gimped" about it ... now that the quick scopers are taken care of.. noob tubes next please!! .. so far i like what i hear about black ops.. zombies will own!!!
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Cenobia  +   1772d ago
A lot of people seem to think quickscoping is some sort of feature. From what I can tell it was just a developer oversight. I do not see how it is different from taking advantage of other game exploits (which I consider cheating).

Snipers should find a place to snipe for a while and then displace with their secondary weapon to a new position when they are compromised.

It doesn't matter if it takes "skill", it is stupid and should not be in the game. I don't even care because I play hardcore 90% of the time, and people like that are effing useless in those games. It is just something that shouldn't be allowed.
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JeffGUNZ  +   1772d ago
@ TengkuAmir10
First off man, don't speak for all hardcore COD fans. I have been playing them since COD1 as well and I am excited the QS has been removed. I am not arguing that in games like COD4, it took some skill. I am arguing that it has become so annoying and common that the game play isn't fun anymore. It's not getting killed by it, but it's joing a match where I am playing an objective based gamemode and half of my team are running around like idiots, not going for the objective and trying to QS the whole time. That's why I am glad it's gone, it has become too widespread where it has become a problem in the game. If you are really GOOD at QS in CoD4, then I am sure you'd be able to find a way to do it in Black Ops.

The main problem is that too many people try to do it and they ruin the actual match and ruins the fun.
AndrewRyan  +   1772d ago
Quickscoping is for tryhards...
And kids with no skill. Honestly the first time I tried quickscoping I got about 17 - 10 ratio which is not bad for my first time, the only hard quickscopes too pull off are long ranged but close range you mightaswell be carrying a shotgun.
Hideo_Kojima  +   1771d ago
Want to use a sniper to "SNIPE" people from "LONG" range fine...


Want to move to another position but have to pass threw a close range fire zone?

Press Triangle or A and use your secondary gun :D

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No Way  +   1771d ago
@TengkuAmir10 -
Stop being a whiny little bitch. You're obviously not a fan..
How can you be a fan if you're bitching and crying about a change.
Which, of course, is a change the 'FANS' want gone. Stop your bitching.
There's plenty other ways you can still play the game, but you refuse.
But refuse cause ya take noob routes, know you gon get your ass kicked.

Good day, :D
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radphil  +   1772d ago
Wow you just botched your only trolling attempt....

Them taking Quickscoping out means that people have to play more skillfully.
Motorola  +   1772d ago
Imagine watching the last alive in Search and Destroy. Theres one guy on the other team too. The guy on our time sees his, tries to quickscope, fails all the time, the guy gets a easy knife kill. the team loses 4 - 3.... Quickscoping needs to go. tired of Optic and this crap
StanLee  +   1772d ago
You can't remove quickscoping. Modern Warfare didn't have sleight of hand pro and players still quickscoped. You'll still see players draw their scopes up for quick one shot kills and they'll adjust to not having the quick sight time and still make those shots because of the game's auto aim. As long as a player gets you within his crosshairs, even with a slower draw time, as soon as he scopes in the game's autoaim will get him on target. What will make these shots difficult is the lack of stopping power but that all depends on neck, chest and stomach multipliers. You can't ban or remove quick scoping or no scoping. So if players are annoyed by this and complain, thinking things will change, it wont. Besides, most people who quick scope don't consistently go positive because they're at a disadvange playing the sniper class that way. I don't see how it could be a big enough complaint to warrant such attention. Treyach are being nitpicky and changing things bases on community complaints. Like Dive to prone; what bullshit. Every time I try to go prone I dive putting me at a disadvantage, why? Because of complaints about drop shotting, how about taking out auto aim for fucks sake. How is drop shotting worth complaining about? It's a great defensive tactic.
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Cenobia  +   1772d ago
I agree that auto aim should be removed entirely. It actually screws me up way more often then it should - moving my character and taking control away from me.

I've been forced to re-aim due to someone passing by, or underneath my reticle more times than I can count. That sh!t even happens in hardcore, I mean wtf.
radphil  +   1771d ago
"how about taking out auto aim"

I completely agree with you on that. Nearly all the time auto-aim actually screws me over than helps. When you're trying to lead a target and shooting them, it doesn't help when the game moves your crosshair to where they are, and not where they should be GOING.
ak3nji  +   1771d ago
I agree with you Stan, Drop shotting is actually a skill and i am confused that they are trying to gimp it?!
I play on PS3 and to dive to prone while aiming, means clicking in the right analogue stick, while aiming with it and shooting accurately at the enemy. The whole point of being prone is to be a smaller target!

I guess this is what everyone wants their game to be like...Check link! =P

*URGH!!! stupid link is acting weird!*

Related video
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r1sh12  +   1772d ago
Are you stupid?
Quick scoping takes no skill at all.
Try doing it without slieght of hand pro and stopping power.
I mean for anyone to think quick scoping takes any skill is a little stupid, the snipers are the most damaging guns in the game so being able to increase the speed at which you scope because of sleight of hand is pointless, and then increase bullet damage because of stopping power. No thanks noob. If you use a sniper file and I have an assault rifle I will win.
Allow quick scoping only if the bullet damage is half of all the other guns.
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TengkuAmir10  +   1772d ago
So, you're telling me that if you use a machine gun and I use a 50 caliber sniper, you'll win? Get a life. You're never gonna win and what's with 50 caliber rifles getting hitmarkers?? Even without invented perks like Stopping Power, 50 caliber rifles can take out limbs. If I shot you in the head, your whole head should blow up. That's realistic isn't it? but Treyarch wants what we want and that is money and that means the majority will have to win (so that they can milk more money) and since the majority are losers and whiners like you, the hardcore fans will have to suffer from this.

"Allow quick scoping only if the bullet damage is half of all the other guns."

Are you kidding? That's even more "unrealistic" which is what you guys hate, am I correct? I thought you guys hated unrealistic things. So going by your logic, we should quickscope you TWICE? to be able to kill you? I'll still be able to kill but wouldn't that be stupid?

Now, about realism.....Let me talk about realism.... Commando is unrealistic, am I correct? Quickscoping is unrealistic, right? Shotguns shooting 5 metres at you and thus killing you, is unrealistic, correct?

Let me tell you what's unrealistic..In "real life", there is no such thing as perks, killstreaks, spawning, tactical spawn, and in real life, one M16 bullet should kill you and in real life, a sniper should take only 1 hit to kill, there is nothing that can stop that. Even if you were to be hit in the arm, you'd still bleed to death. In real life, there is no such thing as Marathon, in real life, there is no such thing as going on your own to kill 4-5 guys by luck, in real life, shotguns can shoot more than 40 metres, in real life, snipers are campers, in real life, a knife cannot beat a sniper or even a handgun..and what's more unrealistic is even though you shot him 5 or 6 times, out of all the sudden, he knifes you and you die. In real life, 5-6 bullets in the abdomen should be enough to kill you. In real life, you can't instantly kill people by knifing them once.

Overpowered....Models are overpowered, anything that kills you by one shot is overpowered, akimbos are overpowered, Chopper Gunners are overpowered, AC130 is overpowered, N00btubes are overpowered, Stopping Power pro is overpowered, One Man Army shouldn't be in the game cos it's overpowered and basically anything that kills you a lot in the game is considered "overpowered"..

Now, if only you had the chance to use it, if only you'd be skilled enough to earn a higher level to use it, you wouldn't be complaining.

N00bish...Qs is noobish, hardscoping is noobish, using a knifing setup is noobish, snipers are noobish, M16 is noobish, 'nade launchers are noobish, and everything else that you have not yet unlocked, is considered noobish.

The community changed the game. That's what I believe. Disagree button is located at the bottom right corner, please kindly press it.
BlackTar187  +   1772d ago
Im going to say
i play alot of COD and i like to think im pretty good. I and my clan find almost everything you said joking about being noobish to indeed be over powered and noobish.
"Overpowered....Models are overpowered, anything that kills you by one shot is overpowered, akimbos are overpowered, Chopper Gunners are overpowered, AC130 is overpowered, N00btubes are overpowered, Stopping Power pro is overpowered, One Man Army shouldn't be in the game cos it's overpowered and basically anything that kills you a lot in the game is considered "overpowered"."
all noobish. I like to get people with my gun play not unfair overpowered stuff. When we clan war on game battles all perks and KS are turned off along with Noob tubes and akimbo basically everything you said. Thats how we do it on MLG variant maps and i think that the team with the best killers with normal guns wins and thats how we like it when we do competitive play.

Im not saying your a newb or i think the way you play is lame cuz i dont i think when you are testing teams skills in Clan wars like Gamebattles.com and MLG.com those thing take the least amount of skill and so they are banned in these competitive environments and i think they do that for a reason.
My wife raped a team on MW2 witht he akimbo 1887's my wife on her first game went 20-7 i mean if that doesnt scream newbie then i dont know what does. Its like her whooping people on socom 2 with the m60.

Anyways its been awhile and im strictly talking about competitive play. In PUB rooms anything goes no complaining.

Game On
skip2mylou  +   1772d ago
@ten quit whining holy sh!t snipers are 1hit ko's now geez
visualb  +   1772d ago
quickscoping =/= skill

skill = killing without quickscoping and surviving.

glad they do this, my interest is peaking, this might be the game I get fr xmas after all =O (if it turns out ok and not a broken mess)
xAlmostPro  +   1772d ago
Ok well 1st i wanna say this guy is completely wrong..

and 2nd so are you guys that also hate on quickscoping..

Oh and 3rd its not being BANNED, its being gimped probably so much that its extremely difficult to run and gun with a sniper..

So yeah my points on why he's wrong?..

Quickscoping is seen as 'cheap' by alot of people because you can run around and get 1 shot kills right?.. well that isn't anymore(in factual terms) cheaper than using explosives, or grenade launchers or even guns like m16's(yes i know they shoot 3 bullets at once but it still kills in ONE press of the fire button like 90% of the time)..infact it takes way more skill than any of these methods.. it takes better and faster reactions, it takes better accuracy(yes people will try and fool you by saying "omg its nooby it just uses auto-aim" well wrong yes it does, but not anymore so than any other assasult rifle in the game)..

Now more points to people that 'hate' it and quickscoping in general..

Btw i will say now that mw2 did make it abit easy, but in terms of COD2/COD4 and WaW it took skill, so i dont see why they can't just make the zoom speed like those games..

So yeah.. why do you hate it? Probably because in reality you think your a good player(and you might be) but when your quickscoped from a face to face situation you blame it being overpowered beecause simply that player was faster and more accurate than you and put a dent in your skills.. thats why its annoying?..that and the whole reason i covered in my point against JD that its a one hit kill.. you hate it because your not good at it

You can claim it takes no skill but your simply wrong, when your face to face with an enemy in COD if you quickscope and miss your 95% likely to then get killed, if you miss with other guns your basically still gonna get the kill by spraying..

He's saying its 'cheap' and you guys agree.. but fact is ask any 'good' quickscoper if its easier to run around with an assault rifle and they'll say yes.. why? because most quicksopers(note most, and again i'll agree it was far to easy in mw2)start out using assault rifles, sub machine guns and are actually already extremely good players before they start to quickscope.. they start quickscoping or learn how to do it because they simply get bored of the same thing each game, winning every game(or atleast getting really high K/D's).. they do it because it's a challenge.

Infact i'd like JD_2020 to record himself(why not use the new theatre mode) quickscoping for a whole game in say cod4.. he'll most likely do terrible, not only that if you got any GOOD quickscoper to then go head to head with him using an assault rifle they could probably beat him due to how easy they find using assault rifles..

Not only that theres final chance in this game, which apparently (like last stand) puts you down with a handgun.. BUT any member of your team can now revive you.. and thats not cheap JD_2020? LOL hipocrit because you suck at one area of the game..

It takes skill, it shouldn't be removed because you cant do it or find it intimidating that somebody is faster and more accurate than you
Pen15  +   1772d ago
I quit reading halfway through your comment thanks to the sheer dumbness of everything you just said. The military doesn't quickscope, dude. Its very clear that this is an exploit.
xAlmostPro  +   1772d ago
@pen15 whats the millitary got to do with this? (and you have the cheek to call me dumb lol)

we are talking about a game, its not a war simulator. I guess you've completely missed the point.

JD_2020 is stating that Quickscoping in a GAME is 'cheap'.. but grenade launchers, m16s, final chance where your team mate can revive you isn't? if quickscoping is 'cheap' they are ten times worse in complete factual terms.

This has nothing to do with "you cant quickscope in real life so its bullsh*t"

He stated something that goes against other things he supports.

Please know what your talking about, or atleast dont bring up things that aren't even mentioned when calling me dumb :)

My opinion supplied with facts VS His opinion based on hipocracy
Critical_Hit  +   1772d ago
I agree with you xAlmostPro. So many people love to complain of what takes skill and what doesn't. Why doesn't Treyarch just remove the aim-assist completely.

Also, since they're addressing quick scoping I would like to see some anti-camping and anti-noob tubing measures as well. It doesn't seem fair to only gimp one method of play. There should me more counter measures so that one method of play doesn't overpower others.
WiiPS3beats360  +   1771d ago
Quickscoping is stupid
what ever happened to NO SCOPING???
or while u run from A to B use your damn pistol that's why it's there
headwing45  +   1772d ago
That's good
Quick scope is so stupid and unrealistic. Even if it's easy or hard to get kills with it, it's exploiting a glitch in the game and should be gotten rid of. I'm considering getting this game more and more.
FAGOL  +   1772d ago
LMAO skill?
EvilBlackCat  +   1772d ago
(Reading Vegeta900 comment)

"In other words they're taking more skill out of the gam..."

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xAlmostPro  +   1772d ago
how is it not skilled? explain please

another person who cant quickscope so calls it annoying, nooby or overpowered because theres people better than you you who can do it lol.
iPad  +   1772d ago
This is great news.

And this is coming from a guy who also quickscopes
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NatureOfLogic  +   1772d ago
@ Vegeta9000
why disagrees?

Quickscoping is a skill, people who suck or can't Quickscope is the only ones crying.
FAGOL  +   1772d ago
MW2 Sleight of Hand Quick Scoping is not skill. My 8 year old brother can do it. I can even do it and I don't even practice. Now COD4 quick scoping is the stuff of skill. I mean you have a 1 shot kill weapon, it should take skill and alot of pratice to quick scope. Kids who think they are good should try playing COD4.
NatureOfLogic  +   1771d ago
I went from mw2 to mw1 and I find mw1 too easy so.
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   1772d ago
Man I'm so gald that they remove that QS crap. Some people think it's skills but it's not. Ask yourself this, How easy you think sniping is in REAL life. Better idea try it yourself and see how hard it is? QS Is UNREAL AND FAKE

Also think about it how can a sniper beat a shotgun In a close range battle. Lol it's pathetic. Also half of the times or more say most of the times when you QS it looks like you dont connect the shot.
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zeddy  +   1772d ago
doesnt matter quickscoping is fun but i'll own all you pussies anyway.
Scary69  +   1772d ago
@ Vegeta9000

Dude your a total moron, Quick scooping is not a skill, it's a way to cater to moron noobs like you..LMAO I am glad they are taking that sh*t away and I wish they would make it where it actually takes SKILLS to play the game and not noob moves to play.
kparks  +   1771d ago
quickscoping is stupid and should be removed!! and they need to add a option to turn aim assist off that thing has killed me so many times if u run into more than one person your screwed
blumatt  +   1771d ago
Finally! I FN hate quickscopers. It ruins the game for people who try to actually do it right.
simplymigs  +   1772d ago
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Dark-Cloud  +   1772d ago
good :D ... i want a skill game not noobs games like MW2 and Medal of honor , i hate medal of honor because u die fast so snipers kill faster , one shot kill !! >.< , but i t have good gameplay , i wish if they edit the damage ...

if u disagree then u are a noob ... if disagree because i said this then good :D , it least u are not a noob :) ...
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TheSleepyGamer  +   1772d ago
Snipers shouldn't kill in one hit? You go take a .50 Cal bullet in the skull, see if you still feel the same way.
iPlayGamez  +   1772d ago
You go take a vector bullet to the skull bet u still die in real life, but should it kill you in 1 bullet in a game? i think intervention should have 1 bullet kills but semi-automatic snipers shouldnt
gamerzBEreal17  +   1772d ago
but its not life its a video game
wlchrbandit  +   1772d ago
Yaaaaaaaaaaas, bloody hate quickscoping..
Most sniper rifles could rip you apart, take a .50 Cal to the torso and you'd be split in two!

Quite frankly, taking quickscoping out of the game is the best decision Theyarch could have made. It's more annoying than noob tubes and it has plagued the Call of Duty series, it was a lot less apparent in W@W though, which pretty much made it my favourtite Call of Duty game.

'Quickscoping' and 'skill' should never be in the same sentence, unless the words 'is not' lie between.
TengkuAmir10  +   1772d ago

Then why do 95% of the casual COD community complains about what's "unrealistic" and what's not?


Semi automatic snipers shouldn't get 1 hit kills? Are YOU JOKING?????????? Itdoesn't matter if it's semi automatic or fully manual, a 50.cal is a 50.cal and when you get hit by a 50.cal in the skull, the bullet explodes. Do you have any idea of how big a 50.cal is compared to a Vector's bullet?

@above me

If QS didn't take skill, how come only 10% of the community (which is plagued by casuals nowadays anyway) can pull it off? You can't do it and I know that. That's the whole reason on why you're complaining anyway.

@Radphil below

Grenade launchers are used to kill multiple people, that's right..May I ask you..What's the purpose of snipers if you can't kill by one shot??????? You have never even shot a sniper in real life. At least I had the chance to shoot it once (My dad is a soldier and around December last month, he brought home a Remington 700) and I KNOW how much more powerful a sniper can be when compared to a normal gun like an AK or an M16.
#3.1.4 (Edited 1772d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report
AssassinHD  +   1772d ago
Name 10 sniper rifles that use a .50 cal round. Quick go go go go go....

No one is arguing about 1-hit kills from the Barret. That is an anti-equipment rifle so it should kill in one hit. Most other sniper rifles however should not be 1-hit kills unless we are talking about head or heart shots (body armor notwithstanding).

By the way, since we are talking realism here, why don't you try taking a 3 round burst to the chest from an assault rifle and see if you are still standing.
#3.1.5 (Edited 1772d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
TheSleepyGamer  +   1772d ago
Quickscopers, the good ones at least, use single shot rifles such as the Intervention because it can kill in one shot. Grenade Launchers only need to be fired in the general area of a target and has the potential to kill multiple people; I bet Treyarch isn't banning that.
radphil  +   1772d ago
"Grenade Launchers only need to be fired in the general area of a target and has the potential to kill multiple people; I bet Treyarch isn't banning that"

You do realize that's the functionality OF a grenade launcher right?
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wsoutlaw87  +   1772d ago
your a noob if you cant avoid being sniped. yes snipers are one shot kills. thats what they're made for
JeffGUNZ  +   1772d ago
"your a noob if you can't avoid being sniped." Yeah, tell that to our troops in Iraq.
wsoutlaw87  +   1770d ago
yes but you get to respawn and i dont think the troops in iraq would be caught by the same sniper again. or snipers who are in the same spots in every map in very small maps, or get sniped after the sniper killed the guy right next to him and showed up on a map pin pointing where he was.
Dark-Cloud  +   1772d ago
at least they make 2 shots , i can't avoid it because sniper is easy for noobs , i don't like sniper , i don't like to hide , i want to attack , it's just a video game .... i want have fun not get angry ... or make the sniper hard .... i hate sniper !! >.< ...
#3.4 (Edited 1772d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Bounkass  +   1772d ago
Good. Real people can't aim, shoot and kill in a quater of a second either.
byeGollum  +   1772d ago
great.. I've always seen it as an Exploit anyways ... Finally people might snipe like a sniper should
xAlmostPro  +   1772d ago
It's a game.. but you know grenade launchers are ok.. you dont even have to aim with L1/left trigger for those.. you just point and can get upto 6 kills with one fire.. but no your right quickscoping is so overpowered because its actually a challenge.. infact why not try it for ONE match and i bet you do bad or end up fully scoping in for 90% of your kills..

infact you've probably tried and done terrible so you hate it lol

and @Gollum lol lets say if you keep saying that when on top of all the campers there already easy people that were quickscopers now also start camping(so theres more campers).. and start lying on the outskirts of maps fully zoomed in the whole game waiting for you.. see you coming.. hold there breath.. kill you.. <that will get far more annoying.. atleast you have a higher chance of killing quickscopers..

its funny how much hate quickscoping gets on the pure fact it actually takes more skill than assault rifles lol
JeffGUNZ  +   1772d ago
Yeah, but your missing the whole point. The point of a grenade is to clear a small area, so yeah, they are ok. In addition, Treyarch have addressed to noob-tube issue, scavenger does not replenish grenades/noob-tubes and the noob-tube is the most expensive attachment in the game.

I would rather be killed from a sniper in the distance then quickscoped anytime. I know that when someone is zoomed in and being patient, they are SNIPING, that's the whole point of it. Quickscoping is not a threat to me, it's just so played out. I get more frustrated when I play a game with a 2 of my friends and the other 3 idiots are quickscoping during a demolition match. Makes no sense and does not help towards the objective of the match, but they want to talk smack that they went 5-19 and had 3 quickscopes.
Dawn_Of_Ashes   1772d ago | Offensive
KUSHman  +   1772d ago
The amount of typos in this thread is just...smh
byeGollum  +   1772d ago
if thats the case
then "smh" is also a typo... did you mean "shake my head"?
BeAGamer  +   1772d ago
"smh" is an acronym, not a typo
wlchrbandit  +   1772d ago
It's funny how the two smart asses below you neglected to use capital letters and proper punctuation. If you're going to correct someone's grammar at least make sure yours is, at best, acceptable.
BeAGamer  +   1772d ago
wichrbandit, no need to resort to name calling. grow up. i was merely stating the obvious
#6.2.1 (Edited 1772d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report
TroyAndAbed  +   1772d ago
Wow. I'm generally excited about this game. I hated 3 and World at War. It seems like they're really trying this time though.
TheSleepyGamer  +   1772d ago
Treyarch, the people who put the MP40 super spray gun in World at War sees Quickscoping as being 'cheap'... I Lol'd.
iPlayGamez  +   1772d ago
finally some1 sees wat i mean, Quick scoping is NOT OVERPOWERED. There is alot worse stuff to be removed but Treyarch take out QS but leave in all the noob friendly weapons in And then claim they are listening to CoD fans, i Can tell you for a fact the single most biggest complaint in all CoD games is Noobtube but still its the 1st attachment every 1 unlock in MW2

wlchrbandit  +   1772d ago
Dude, give it a rest..
skip2mylou  +   1772d ago
dude look at it this way

p1- marathon pro
p2- stopping power pro
p3- steady aim
sniper rifle-
run around the map with infinite sprint quik/no scope in the head do u know how annoying that is

p1- Sleight hand
p2- stopping power
p3- ninja/steady
even more annoying considering the fact that they reload faster if they miss all of their bullets they reload in a second
kparks  +   1771d ago
i have to agree mp40 duel mags and juggernat or however u spell it was fukin cheep
The_Claw  +   1772d ago
+1 treyarch

at least they're trying to remove the b.s. of mw2
HDgamer  +   1772d ago
and mw
iPlayGamez  +   1772d ago
noobtube, laststand, rockets, and a balistic knife with a slight commando begs to difer, but alot of the noob stuff has been removed Thanks Treyarch
Akagi  +   1772d ago
NOW I am interested in this game.
visualb  +   1772d ago
you and me bro, on same page every BO article, you know how it goes!
Hudahudahuda  +   1772d ago
In my opinion TF2 is the only game ever where sniping was ever properly handled. TF was also great how you held down fire and as soon as you let go you would fire the shot. I hope they do that in KZ3. Someone should ask GG to try that while its still in development.
BX81  +   1772d ago
I like the sniping in BFBC2.
Pen15  +   1772d ago
I like the sniping in MAG.
Bass_fisherman  +   1772d ago
Definitly this will make the game much more enjoyable for everyone that plays it even snipers.
Drjft  +   1772d ago
Thank god. Sick of that community of no-scopers/quick scopers and all their recycled montages.
CommonCent  +   1771d ago
So true, the best is when they spam each-others youtube comments to see who could do it from the farthest distance. Then some go OMG look at this one like they just got their first boner.
Solid Wolf  +   1772d ago
They took it away?
Now the games no fun anymore. :(((
Bounkass  +   1772d ago
That's because you can't play like you should.
Solid Wolf  +   1772d ago
Hey I can quickscoping in real life, ask an airsofter like me and I'd even demonstrate it for you lol.
wlchrbandit  +   1772d ago
It doesn't matter if you can do it in real life, I'm sure it's pretty easy at close range. The point is, real snipers are never used like that. You try running around with a .50 Cal, not only is it massive and heavy, but the shot alone will almost definitely knock you off your feet
CommonCent  +   1771d ago
@solid wolf
Its a lot different to quickscope a plastic replica with little to no kickback than it is to swing a unbalanced 25-40lb metal/composite to your target, counter the inertia you set forth swinging it then pulling the trigger. The first shot sure, try it a second time after you readied the next round and your arms relax.
#13.1.3 (Edited 1771d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
visualb  +   1772d ago
NOOB ALERT!!! *runs*
PhoenixDevil  +   1772d ago
How on earth do they think QS worse than camping ?
seriously, im not one of these people who has a go at someone coz there sitting in the corner all match, its there loss, but it sure is worse than those 'swine' that run around with a sniper rifle n have a split second to see n shot somebody who probably has a full automatic rifle. i wasnt sure about getting black ops now im sure, it peeked at the 1st MW i think n im not investing anymore
Chaxo  +   1772d ago
So that means no more montages from optic gaming.
Now I'm gonna wait for a video from GUNS to discuss this matter.
On second thought, if quickscoping is to be removed then I'm sure no-scoping would take over.

Sir Grizz would probably make a new vid of G-shot.
CommonCent  +   1771d ago
They can make all the videos they want. If it took "skill" before its definitely going to take skill now.
Troll-without-Bridge  +   1772d ago
I've seen countless people quicksoping in Black ops videos.
wlchrbandit  +   1772d ago
READ the article, it explains that they have nerfed it since the beta/leak was released.
256bit  +   1772d ago
...........try quick scoping on CS1.6 lets see what game takes real skills
linko18-1990  +   1772d ago
idk about you guys, but, in real life you either camp or die, so i see it this way. they are trying to bring a more realistic feel to the game rather than the old and overused arcade style in a way.
Wizziokid  +   1772d ago
if they want to remove anything why not the noobtubes and crappy over-powerd shotguns? quickscoping took more skill than shooting a grenade in the air or spazzing someone from 10 mile away.
nickjkl  +   1772d ago
not really the aim assist in mw2 was way to strong as long as you got the enemy in your crosshair before you zoom it will basically lock on dependin on range you have to make a slight change in targeting

try and quickscope in killzone 2 you will get nowhere but its also alot harder to snipe
Dugstar  +   1772d ago
The thing being we will have Flame thrower freaks running riot too.. imo they will be as bad as noob tubers and not to mention the RC CAR killstreak for 3 kills..

I will no doubt buy the game as many of my friends will be but Im just hoping they get the balance right unlike MW2..
BlueEye  +   1772d ago
Quick scoping can be a handy thing.
Usually when I snipe i go to the usual spots and stay there for 20-30 seconds scanning the area, the usual, while running to some place and I see a guy maybe 10 meters away (screw "feets") I take a few seconds and shoot theyr asses! Once again I am on the run to a sniping place to scan, I come up to a corner and see a guy, too big of a knifing distance (unless the other guy happens to be a commando bitch) so I quick scope them in a second and continue my way.

Quick scoping originally wasn't a way of playing but a counter to close range combat which obviously the sniper was not made for, no scopes aren't very trustworthy (unless you're spraying with snipers like the Barret for example), but as it was discovered it gained popularity and turned into a way of playing.

Like somebody said in an above comment going into a match with the mindset of quick scoping near and far (quick scoping a far away target needs a lot of luck, skill and stupidity really) is what everyone hates, and unless you know what you are doing you are going to die way more then kill.

Using quick scopes as a counter measure like it was originally intended for is acceptable tough.
SpideyNut  +   1772d ago
I guess you never heard of....
NO-scoping. If you're reasonably close to someone, you can kill them with a rifle, just by firing from the hip...you know, like in REAL LIFE. The scope is ONLY for long-range, i.e. over 100+ meters; a true marksman doesn't even need a scope, within that range. I deer hunted for 15 years, using a bolt-action Remington .270, and the only scope I had was a hand-held spotting scope, for getting a good look at rack/antler details, and body size (more sporting that way). My longest kill was on an 18 pt. non-typical Whitetail, from just over 175 yards away; lungshot, and only ran about 50 meters.
#22.1 (Edited 1772d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
CommonCent  +   1771d ago
I thought when you picked a sniper it didn't disable a secondary weapon. If I was a sniper and I heard someone near by I would switch to a pistol, idk call me a realist...
Dark-Cloud  +   1772d ago
#23 (Edited 1772d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Simco876  +   1772d ago
Finally quickscoping is gone. I am tired of the YouTube videos of cheapass quickscopers
AEtherbane  +   1772d ago
Another reason why i've gained respect for treyarch.
I HATE quickscoping, unrealistic, stupid, cheap.
Dying from a single shot in the leg was just never fun.
tr00p3r  +   1772d ago
Treyarch wanted to put the balance in, and judging by these comments alone, it looks like most people would rather see the back of quickscoping then keep it in.
tr00p3r  +   1772d ago
Either way, I'm not really bothered if it stays in or goes.. I was into CS before I started playing Call of Duty.. and AWP quickscoping on that is considered a fine skill, especially in a 5on5 pcw..
Holeran  +   1772d ago
Fantastic news. But I know in real life you see soldiers quick scoping in a close range battlefield quite often, then you hear about how that sniper was a casualty. /s off
Claudinho69  +   1772d ago
you quickscopers just stay on mw2 then if you dont like it
Sweeper_  +   1772d ago
Great news.Those quick scoper douches are without a doubht the worst players to have on your team.They straight up refuse to play for the objective.All they care about is trying to get triples so they can put it into a silly montage and upload it to youtube
Xander756  +   1772d ago
Thank god. Quickscoping is such a noob tactic on consoles because of the auto-aim. It takes absolutely no skill. I got tired of being killed by quickscopers who when they picked up another weapon suddenly were going 5 - 20.

Now if only Treyarch could address the camping issue, Black Ops would be perfect.
mastiffchild  +   1772d ago
Now, I don't like camping but have little issue with campers themselves. The reason you get some times when everyone seems to camp and the game gets dull can be put down to crappy map and level editing from the devs who should be rewarding all legit playstyles with the maps on offer. Can ~I knock people, though, for camping when a map favours it? Not really and it isn't like we don't have tools and methods for weeding them out anyway, is it?

Somnetimes, with claymores and the ease of QS camping has been made a bit too easy and can be very productive if you're someone who could already QS on ~~PC and before MW2-you can become VERY hard to deal with for moist players-and often cos most players are casuals or what a lot of us would call "noobs" anyway! Christ, I know that if I camp on certain maps in MW2 I'm certain to do well and better than I would playing in a manner that I actually enjoy but, again, to me playing is just as important, and the style of it too, as whether I win or not. This has happened because of the game, though, rather than the players and as a result will be stopped that way.

Besides, would we REALLY want camping to become extinct? I think a good shooter should allow most legit styles of play but reward them equally and that's down to balance and good maps-simple as. Sure allow great sniping spots BUTmake sure there's plenty of different routes to them so a camper can't set himsxefl up safely with a couple of claymopres and then feel pretty confident he has a chance short range by QS too. It's just a case of rebalancing something which has gotten silly because they made QS too easy.Should I be able to have any chance againsg someone with an assault rifle one on one at short range? No, no I shouldn't. That's simply the case in my mind yet cos of MWE2 making it so easy you see whole clans of little kids QSing ALL the time in run and gun fashion even though it STILL makes therm very unlikely to win very often!! Being honest, t6hough, it SHOULD mean they NEVER win shouldn't it?

Toobing needs neutering as well as, even as an experienced(though never a great COD/Halo/KZ gamers-more TF2 myself)player I find some maps(like Estate and Wasteland-how often has that map been recycled in COD and copied elsewhere btw!? and more importantly, why?)make you pratically HAVE to use one yourself to have much chance these days-which makes me feel dirty! As for akimbo? FO! I do think we forget that Treyarch,IW and Acit have to cater for a VERY wide range of abilities and tastes with the COD franchise-though why that means we're all stuck with sodding P2P when games as relatively small(budget and community-though not quality cos W'hawk's ALL quality in my eyes!)as Warhawk had dedicateds on console years ago is a mystery.
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