I refuse to play New Vegas on “Annoying” mode.

SG - Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas is a pleasant surprise for me so far. The game does enough different to keep me interested, while scratching that same itch that Fallout 3 did almost 2 years ago. One of the additions to New Vegas is the ‘Hardcore’ mode. This mode not only increases the difficulty, but it forces you to do all of the mundane things that don’t add anything to the game and will likely annoy you, rather than entertain you.

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Controversy2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

And you don't have to play Hardcore if you don't want to. I see the other story about how it makes it better from the same site. Gotta agree with the other story.

AndrewRyan2861d ago

An article about not playing an OPTIONAL mode in a video game... Let's start writing about unicorns and leprechauns.

Weaksauce11382861d ago

I refuse to read this review written in whine mode

vickers5002861d ago

Hey guys, want to hear about all the stuff I didn't do today?

ThanatosDMC2861d ago

Agreed about him being a wuss. Without hardcore mode, it's like taking a stroll through lava while taking rockets to the face and not being hurt by it.

Hardcore mode should have been in FO3 during retail release.

grailly2861d ago

hardcore mode isn't really that hardcore after all...
The hardest part about it is the stimpacks healing overtime. The bullet weight, sleep, food and water aren't that hard to get over. I can get why anybody can find it annoying as feeding yourself feels tamagochi-like. I still play hardcore for the difficulty bump with the stimpacks, and that part isn't "annoying"

Steve_02860d ago

"This is a joke.
An article about not playing an OPTIONAL mode in a video game... Let's start writing about unicorns and leprechauns."

Unicorns and leprechauns are "optional" now? Unicorn - I choose you!

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darkziosj2861d ago

is not that hard,i just ended the game on hardcore

Lucreto2861d ago

What is the special item you get at the end of Hardcore? You can PM me to avoid spoilers or just post it here.

Thecraft19892861d ago

Its just 100 gamerscore aprentley lol

Hellsvacancy2861d ago

Isnt the game supposed 2b 150hours long? hmmm *i guess u could fly through the main campaign* but y do that?

No Way2861d ago

Better yet, if you beat the game.. does it end after the campaign?

Iduno if this has been discussed or not.

TheGameFoxJTV2860d ago

It ends after the final cutscene, but I already have a mod that'll allow me to continue playing.

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MisterNiwa2861d ago

I'll go write some article based on how I refuse to play Ninja Gaiden on Hard more, fight Street Fighter IV CPU's with Maximum Difficulty or play the Horde Mode on Halo: Reach.

Is that guy for real? lol.

Timesplitter142861d ago

For me, Hardcore mode is what makes this a must-buy.

I've always wanted something like this

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Lucreto2861d ago

I plan on doing Hardcore once I get all the other trophies on my first playthrough. Hardcore on easy just doing the story missions won't take too long.

soundslike2861d ago

that sounds like a terribly empty experience

Lucreto2861d ago

I would have played the game for 70 hours collecting everything that is not nailed down. I don't want to worry to eat and the like.

I will go through Hardcore mode quickly just for the platinum. I got the Fallout 3 platinum and I want them to match. I also have 5 other games to play and I have a short time to to pay them before next years mountain appears.

A Cupcake for Gabe2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Are you playing it? This is a longer campaign than FO3,. I'm playing it now trying to be a good person but this game has me constantly wondering what the definition good means. Many seemingly bad choices end up morally right and some good choices turn out as poor dicisions. New Vegas is outstanding in making you think about your choices. Plus the karma/reputation systems are more dynamic. Nothing is vlavk and white anymore. With that said, im playing hardcore when i do it on my evil playthrough cause when I'm contantly struggling, I'm not in any mood to be compassionate for anything.

CrzyFooL2861d ago


Sarcastic Gamer is Sarcastic!!!

gotta love it.

LarsoVanguard2861d ago

Sarcastic Gamer is crap.

Indeed, gotta love it.

Not sarcastic, as much as it is not good.

Raccoon2512861d ago

LoL, I love sarcastic gamer

Bobbykotickrulesz2861d ago

That makes one of us.

The people try so hard to be funny, but end up looking like morons.

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