GamePro: EA Sports MMA Review

Despite lacking the dominate brand in MMA [and according to Dana White, president of UFC, having the audacity to claim it wasn’t even a real sport—Ed.], EA has made a compelling and fun game and has raised the bar for what gamers should expect of their MMA games in the future.

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labaronx2894d ago

it's funny how everyone was dogging it when it was first shown. Tempted to buy!!!!

deadreckoning6662894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Not convinced. The demo was underwhelming. The ground game was bare bones. I think ill just wait for UFC 2012. Apparently, there taking a year off to fix the glitches in the last UFC game.

HxCGamer2894d ago

of the games need a lot of work
while mma's ground game was pretty terrible
in ufc i feel like everyone is the same, with different character designs

xxchicago33xx2894d ago

The ground game is very deep...maybe you should play it more and learn all the moves before you bash...just because you don't need to move the stick is a bunch of wacky ways doesn't mean it's not deep.

When you watch a real fight you don't see guys breaking guard or passing guard nearly as much as what is possible in Undisputed. In Undisputed dudes are crawling all over each other on the ground...which just does not happen. It's very challenging to pass guard and transition and this game captures that well.

I am not going to say it doesn't have its faults but my experience with EA MMA captures the feel of a true fight much better.

Sony3602894d ago

Agreed, it was mainly the fanboys of Undisputed. Was always more excited for this game.

xxchicago33xx2894d ago

It's funny because both Joystiq and GamePro took off pts for the roster...which is bullshit considering most of the fighters in Undisputed are average at best.

EA MMA Roster is better than UFC Roster for the actual MMA community

hennessey862893d ago

mma/ufc has a big following but it just bores me as did the game, i spent most of my time seemingly hugging my opponent on the floor with a few cheep shots thrown in. I think ill wait for the next fight night game if ikm honest

p.s the demo had great visuals, animation and hit detection.

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lucifon2894d ago

Interesting. I thought the demo was absolutely crap. Wonder if theres much improvement since.

stubbed_out2893d ago

Totally with you. For someone that knows bog-all about the fighters from MMA and UFC (apart from the ones thrown about films) it didn't really get me all that excited about it. I studied all the moves and the groundwork etc etc but am still not fully convinced, and from a depraved point of view, knocking out the other guy is nowhere near as satisfying as Fight Night or UFC.

Compared to UFC, I'd like to hope the fighters in this are more individual, someone else mentioned everyone in UFC being the same, so true. It's like using Ryu vs Ryu with different ultra combo finishers.

NYC_Gamer2894d ago

i'm watching a stream and the game seems lackluster...but ufc10 also failed in my opinion